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Things I am thankful for today: 🍁for the crumpled stacks of rolled up drawings Selah and Ozzie present to me several times a day, 🍁for the tiny curls of smoke that sometimes sneak out of the wood stove when I open up our cozy wood stove -my favorite form of heat, 🍁for thick slices of toasted homemade bread slathered with avocado and Himalayan pink salt, 🍁for the cloud-puff of fluffy sheep hides snuggling me on the couch and the lambs that fed us, 🍁for hardwood floors that clean SO MUCH more easily than our last place, 🍁for the hours @jhymas7340 has spent taking care of us, 🍁for a dog with mismatched eyes (just like I dreamed of as a child,) 🍁for Audra Mulkern of @rootedinthevalley for the Female Farmer Project, and for this cozy farm chick tee from @publicmarketgoods, 🍁for a tribe of wonderful humans near and far encircling me and my family, filling us with love.
True story: My windows are filled with crayon streaks and toddler drool. My couch has a few stains from the boys eating on it or marker. I’ve let go of needing to have a pristine house and what I’ve realized is this little house of ours is more of a home than I ever could had imagined. . This is the boys favourite spot to sit and now I know why. 💕 . Photo tips:📷 Instagram app - Brightness +18, Saturation -1. VSCO App - Exposure 3.9, Contrast 1.2, M6 filter.
I always love when gifts come in pretty packages, so I’m loving @jordwatches for fall ✨🍂 if you’d like one of your own, click the link in my bio for 25% off! 🦊 #jordwatches #woodwatches #sp
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I feel... "not positive" feelings, today. I feel "not positive" feelings a lot of the time. And I find that I'm not always able to transmute that into a philosophical insight, and smart conclusion, or even peace of mind regarding the future. Like today, many times I'm afraid and just not able to even talk about it, let alone find satisfactory solutions, or see that it'll all be "ultimately okay". There's no punchline to this. Just sharing. Maybe some of you feel the same way, and we're together. That would be nice.
The real me dreams of someday only buying and consuming local, organic produce. This has always seemed like such a lofty goal, especially considering my long time love affair with giant, glossy, comforting (and just a tad excessive), grocery stores. So this week, D and I decided to take a baby step, we're going to try to only buy locally for one week. We live in a little community of roughly 80 families. There are three teeny little stores and ladies selling fresh produce like eggs, milk, meats, homemade jams and peanut butter from their homes. Why go elsewhere? This morning I made peanut butter cookies with freshly ground peanuts and locally made butter. I have this itch to run into the nearby town like every 5 minutes but searching for alternatives is much more delicious. #slowlivingforlife
my baby love 💓(and not to worry, just a couple last vacation posts and I'll stop spamming y'all 🙈)
I'm so excited to share with you all some of my finished projects with @weareknitters on my blog tonight (including the cutest little sweater for Ollie)! Link in profile!
Mom always thinks she keeps me warm but the truth is: I always keep HER warm. ❤️⛄️🐈🧤 #truelove
Color co-coordinated appetizers presented by @wireandpearl . I love radishes! Don't you?
Mama told me, “There’ll be days like this.”
I know it's only Tuesday - but this bottle of bubbly has been waiting in the fridge for a week - and it's not every day (or indeed every year or even decade!) that a tyrant, dictator and oppressor admits defeat, so here's to the land my family knew and loved and here's to dreams of a better future for those who remain there today. 🇿🇼 Today Zimbabweans celebrate the end of an era. Tomorrow is the day for tough questions to be answered and for democracy to prevail. ❤️💛💚 My hope is that this beautiful land, with its peace loving, people can come together and rid themselves of dictatorship forever. 🌍 On a personal note, I long to return. To take my husband and my child to visit the country which I loved to visit as a child. I was born in South Africa, but all my family are from Rhodesia. My grandparents farmed all their life, a tobacco, cattle and maize farm near Harare, which we used to spend summer holidays visiting. My fondest memories are from this place. My grandfathers ashes were scattered on this farm when he died. Not long after his passing, the farm was occupied; taken, repossessed - whatever you want to call it - by war veterans. Luckily my grandmother was spared the beatings, torture and murder which befell so many farmers in Zimbabwe, as she had come to live with us temporarily in South Africa. But she lost everything. We lost everything that was so dear to us. A whole life's hard work, gone in a instance. As it did for the majority of Zimbabweans over the following years. We cannot look back with anger and hatred. We can only accept what happened and try not to let resentment live in our hearts. I know many people think that European settlers got what they deserved, but my grandparents were born in Africa and knew no other place to call home. We don't want the farm back, we don't want anything back - but I would like to be able to go and visit my grandfathers ashes (or at least the place they were scattered) and be near the only place he knew to call home, once more. But today, tonight, I can't help but remember those wonderful times we had in Zimbabwe, and hope that one day the country can be proud of itself again. Today is certainly the start. ✊️
Exciting news here! 😄 In just ten days, I am going to be releasing new artwork for all of you looking to snatch the perfect, one-of-a-kind holiday gift for your loved ones (or for yourself!) 😉🎁 Today begins a ten-day extravaganza of sneak peaks, stories, and more leading up to the grand reveal on December 1st! 🎉 So here we go! - Day 1: I have been finding most of my recent visual inspiration from the mountains. Their beauty and simplicity are truly worth a jaw drop or two... or more (especially if you find them as beautiful as I do). It doesn't matter to me where they are placed. Wherever they are - covered in sand or covered in snow - I find them incredibly awe-inspiring.
“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful” - William Morris.
All these beauties on one stack! 💙💚