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This is so simple but sits perfectly in the room. I ❤️ this way of styling, not overdone but has textural interest . Image via Matt vanderwerff blog, designer unknown #styling #interiordesign #art #timber #furniture #rusticdecor #foliage #simpleliving
{ PEACE } Enjoying a moment of peace in this busy day. It's the simple things, a happy fed baby with a whole lot of smiles and a hot cuppa. I better get back to that list of things to do now 🙈 . . . #motherhood #motherhoodrising #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodthroughinstagram #thebloomforum #simpleliving #livethelittlethings #thehappynow #thatsdarling #uniteinmotherhood #ourcandidlife #our_everyday_moments #mom_hub #babygirl #ig_motherhood
The hydrangea are going insane right now! I absolutely love these flowers, but in my region, they are a high water plant. As an ecological gardener, I just can't justify putting them in mine, or clients gardens. I'd rather devote the water to edibles. As much as I love these! What do you think? Do water needs depict what you grow, or do you just plant what you want because you love them?!
Welcome to San Diego w @TheeProdigy
When it's 89 out but your mom still makes you go outside and find a good activity.
Our book, Tiny House Basics: Living the Good Life in Small Spaces has hit #1 New Release in 4 categories on Amazon, have you picked up your copy yet? If not, click the link in our profile to get it now on Amazon! If you already got your copy, let us know how you like it! Tiny House Basics is an adventure in off grid living! In their debut book, tiny house living experts Shelley and Joshua Engberg show you how you can join the revolution to downsize to small space living without giving up everything you hold dear. This is not about downsizing drastically, or giving up a lot of your necessities. They show you how your life still can be comfortable and entertaining in a tiny house living environment. This is about redefining what a house is and mastering organization, location and happiness. You can still keep your closet full and pantry stocked Tiny house living tips and tricks: As avid campers and off roaders, Shelley and Joshua present the best tips and tricks to help you enter the world of small space living. You will learn about: • How to maintain a good relationship in a small space • Practical downsizing for everyone • Small space living with pets • The pros and cons of off grid living and on grid living • How to make your small space feel big • Keeping your small space feeling fresh with practical storage solutions and design tips • Equipping your space for entertaining • Accordion/bi-fold style windows • How downsizing and simplifying your life will allow you more freedom and time
Hello bright eyes x x Alexander from Hamburg, Germany, looking dreamy in a henry and grace striped coverall
Broccoli dressed with a crispy flavoured coating of turmeric, garam masala and sesame and yes I used tigernut flour again 😉 and an egg wash to make the coating stick. Once cooked (five minutes in a pan with coconut oil) I then moved them to the oven for a further five minutes to soften a little further without burning the coating. I drizzled with tahini, some black sesame seeds and flaked almonds. This just elevated broccoli to YUM so good all served on a bed of yummy greens. I also topped this with a poached egg as an afterthought and it was brilliant, why not give it a go. #eatyourgreens #glutenfree #paleofood #vegetarian #onmytable #goodforyourgut #healthyliving #wholesome #wholefood #foodie_features #feedfeed @thefeedfeed #eatforhealth #flavour #simpleliving #eatclean #iqs #noaddedsugar #creativefood #canon📷 #foodphotography #heytiger
You are the artist. Life is your canvas, baby! 🎨🖤✨ #thisisourcity #mpls
Coming along nicely. 😁 #chickens
I've been coming to this stump for years and years. It has been so sturdy, and filled with ants and spiders that make it seem so alive though the tree has been dead for much longer than I've been around. The layers are beginning to crumble. The life has left it. The earth is taking it back, but it still holds me for now, and I am grateful ❤ Day 4 of #BringOnTheHeat is Eka Pada Koundinyasana 2 . . . HOSTS: @auri_yoga @fit_yoga_girl @ashley.yoga @vanessa_carrettiere SPONSORS: @aloyoga @pranamat @yogisurprise @hoowomen
You are probably wondering why I am posting a pair of shoes on my insta? Interior design to me is all about the people that live in the spaces we create. I am obsessed with lifestyle design. I love hearing about people, watching them and seeing how they live their life. Okay I'm a people watcher! I love people. I also love to hear about the lifestyle they lead. Hence the reason I'm obsessed with shoes and not just any shoes ... I have a confession: I love men's shoes. The craftsmanship always inspires and reminds me of nice, beautiful furniture. Do you ever see a pair of shoes and wonder who would wear those and where are they going? We've had some fun drawing design inspiration from this pair of men's shoes: think dark, sultry colors and complex, laced lines. Check it out on the blog! 🔗 in profile!
Quartz with fluorite crystal inclusion. @dantobinsmith for @ontherocks_mag.
〰〰 Baby greys for special days. Baby Diamond Stackers.
ok guys, it's up! all about our fun family stay at @pointehiltonsp, including a picture dump of some of my fave images from @griffithimaging. staycations are my new fave. also, these people. 😍 [link in my profile]
Progress, more slowly than surely. Had another inspection today, met with exterminators (termite scare) and scheduled with a plumber to fix a drain and add water to the new fridge. All while living in the Upside Down while redoing the kitchen, dining and living rooms. Oh, and I've been working on that creepy closet for what seems like weeks! Fingers crossed I see light at the end of the tunnel!
teepee snack time with these two ❤ . . super soft bibs from @grubbee_kids
Hey Boss Chic! I can’t tell you how excited I get when I connect with women who are starting their online business. Truly, it’s my jam to share my know-how, amazing tools to help you get started and design an epic website for newbie entrepreneurs. As a Web Designer For Newbie Entrepreneurs, I often see the overwhelm that you face. That's why I include a multitude of tools to help you create a strong biz foundation in my web design packages to help you go from What? to Whahooo! I know it’s scary but one of the best thing you can do..is jump in. You are going to make mistakes, you are going to be confused and things will be chaotic--but not forever! There is not one entrepreneur that hasn’t been in your shoes, the problem is ..”the big time” people sometimes forget what it’s like to be starting your online journey. I extend myself out to you-If you want to hop on a call to see what your next steps look like I’m game! Simply click on the link in my bio and lets connect. #spiritguide #spirituallyguided #oraclecardme #wander #dearbosschic #thatbosschic #bohemianbosschic #vacationlifemomma #goddesslife #muslimwitch #thatbosschic #muslimpriestess #livingintentionally #spiritualbosschick #bosschic #simpleliving #vacationlife #havecomputerwilltravel #wifilife #laptopliving #iworkfromhome #workfrom #vacationlifebiz #priestesspresence #spiritualpractice #desiremap #corealignedfeelings #liveyou #change #superpower #khaleesi
We have always referred to our #tinyhouse as 'SHED' because of it's contribution to our goal of living an intentional life small in possessions and large on experiences. __________________________________________ REMINDER: The discount code 'IG MILESTONE' is live for another 24 hours if you are interested in snagging our 145 page e-book and learn a lot more about what it took to design and build this d.i.y. #tinyhouseonwheels! [LINK IN BIO] #lesshousemoreadventure
I needed support. I needed accountability. I needed to get healthy. I needed to get strong. I needed to change my mindset. I needed to become more confident. I needed to be surrounded by positive people. I needed to have something special just for me that was more than just being mom. I wanted to travel. I wanted to have friends and not be so lonely. I wanted a way to help people. I wanted to do something special with my life. I wanted change for me and for my family. I wanted to wake up excited every day about what I was doing. Maybe that's you🤔 Maybe you're looking for those things too👀 Maybe you've been scared to make the leap🙅🏼 Maybe you just aren't sure you're good enough to be a coach. Maybe you think you have to be super fit and have all the health answers. You don't...you don't have to be scared and you don't have to have all the answers. Just a passion to change your life and help others do the same. Tomorrow my team and I will be running a free group called Glimpse into coaching where we will show you what's it's like inside the life of a coach. There's no obligation. No fee. Just you learning more about what we do as coaches. 👭🏋🏻‍♀️ If you're curious...even just a little bit. Or you're super ready for change....drop an emoji below👇🏻 or private message me and I'll help you get added into the group.🌿
Tonight I made chicken fajitas, I had collard greens as my wraps, Doug and the kids had corn tortillas. 🙌🏼
#vanlifers ↦ what tips and tricks do you have for keeping weight down on your #vanconversion? 🚐💨 Your recommendations are greatly appreciated 🙏 - - - For our #vaninterior we decided to go with an L shape layout. The kitchen area along the front will have a dometic refrigerator on the right side, sink and water jugs in the center, and a smaller cabinet with drawers on the left. Most of our storage solutions in the kitchen and under the bed are metal baskets. This is probably our biggest strategy to reduce weight. • • • • • • • #vanlife #vanlifeideas #vanlifediaries #selfbuild #simpleliving #livefree #livingsmall #nomads #vanlifestyle #vandwelling #mobilelivingmadeeasy #vanbuild #offthegrid #projectvanlife #optoutside #liveyouradventure #lifeunscripted #nomadstories #vannin #vanlifeproject #vanlove #tinyliving #homeonwheels #wanderlust #homeiswhereyouparkit #vlinewbuildwatch #roamtheplanet
I am enjoying the quiet today after a week of garden preparations. The seeds in are vegetable garden are beginning to sprout and the lilacs have started to bloom. For this short period of time I enjoy bringing them into my home.
24 hours into Portland and I'm already having a great time around new people and places. #portland #pittock #hike #view #mthood #city #park #mountain #oregon
So it's been a little while since I've done an event & because this weekend is Memorial Day weekend (basically the start of the summertime season) I'm kicking off the season with a FREE event on Facebook, Sunday evening focusing on Young Living's essential oils during the summer. I have a lot of great DIY recipes, diffuser blends & tips to help keep your summer running smoothly, carefree & fun 🍍 if you're interested in joining please comment below or send me a message and I will get you added 🌿 #summer #summerlovin #free
Going on a farm trip today! As a farmer myself, I love being able to visit other farms and know more about their organic practices 🌿🌴🌳
Today I photographed the chickens that laid these beautiful eggs. Having a background in interior design and boudoir photography chickens is the last subject I thought I would ever photograph! But you know what?! I love it! I so enjoyed myself! In my bio I talk about following my curiosities and I'm so thankful I've given myself the freedom to pursue and be interested in array of subjects, because I see how they are all intertwining in the most beautiful and magical way. Are you going through some new experiences and seeing how your past experiences or curiosities are now unfolding for you?
Another beautiful workbench from our last pick. Did I mention Katie loves carrying workbenches. 💪
Cable knits are so beautiful and this handmade blanket throw from Argentina is something to treasure. #imprinthouse #cableknitthrow #handmade
Pole beans climbin' the teepee. 👏🏼
24.05.17 Missing this little one today! She goes to day care one day a week so she can enjoy playing with other kids. It's not the same around here without my side kick, little M misses her like crazy! It is nice to have a break though and spend some one on one with M 🙄 #summerandstorm #relax #letthembelittle #instadaily #instagood #picoftheday #simpleliving #belovedlife #postthepeople #clickinmoms #candidchildhood #documentyourdays #dailyparenting #flashesofdelight
I'm learning to appreciate and love, more and more.
Love this earthy ensemble including our Wooden Toy Camera in cherry. Tap for all the small shop details. ❤️
A break in the storms means time to work. Cleaned the chicken coops, scrubbed the feed & water pans, moved the babies to new ground, collected the eggs.
So I came across this video in YouTube and if you are into simple, minimalist and functional living, I recommend you watch this video. I have always been a clean lines, simple, no clutter person and have tried to extend that to our home. Can get difficult as my husband and son are sentimental hoarders, so battle lines get drawn when we do our annual clean out. My son is also a very big book worm and has a huge book collection. Every year I ask him which books he would like to donate, and he always replies "none". Each one is special to him. Which is fine as I also see him re-reading his books. Anyway, when we bought our home last year, I wanted a practical layout and small. There is only 3 of us plus a small dog, so we don't need a lot of space. I also feel like the more space you have, the more you feel you need to "fill" that space. Every time we buy something, we need to think where it will be placed/stored before buying. I hate clutter so every single item in our house has its place. So we bought a 3 bedroom house with a small easy to maintain yard. Some people may think its small, but I like to think of it as cosy and homely. Grateful for our decision as its really helping now that we are trying to budget and have control over our finances. #simpleliving #home #homeinspo #budgetliving #budgetmum #organisedlife #moneysmart #thrifty #debtfreecommunity #youtube #budget
Lol- I was doing gymnastics while taking a photo of this adorable dragonfly soap in our backyard. I was pondering how many trips to the emergency room photographers were responsible for, and then plop! went my soap into the river😂! Gotta laugh! (This lovely soap is grapefruit & Lily scented💗) Come visit my store at sometymeplace.com #skincare #natural #gottalaugh #thefisheswillbeclean #madeinusa🇺🇸 #oregonlocalbusiness #smallbusiness #dryskin #beautiful #lovely #gift #dryhands #rustic #artisan #handmade #unique #simpleliving #graciousliving #ecofriendly #puresoap #fresh #shopsmall #villagelife #mountainelegance🌹 #madeinoregon🌲 #livinggreen #greenskincare🌿 #bathingbeauty🛁 #mountainchic
Taking care of the farmhouse and our guest is great work, but sometimes you gotta make time for great fun. #redbirdacresfarmhouse
Remember how I came home from tractor supply recently with 6 baby ducks? Well...I'm down to 3 😭 I'm all out of can't evens. Y'all, farm life is not for the faint of heart. At least I didn't name any of them. My "farm dog" (aka couch dog) is about to get demoted. I think I need reinforcements. #farmlife #backyardducks #barnlife #simpleliving #citytosimple
こないだの週末はビーチのあと #Pacificcity へ⛱ . . 新しくできた海の目の前のモールで、海を眺めながらランチしたり買い物したり、本当に気持ちよかったー😆 . キッズスペースも息子は夢中になってたし、可愛いアイスクリーム屋さんがあったり🍦💕 週末のお出かけにオススメです😚
Enjoying the porch and watching the chickadees who have hijacked the bluebird's house this year! The bluebirds are not happy... they are surely all confused because of the crazy weather we've been having. I love that we have annual bird families, usually 2-3 families and babies, and so interesting to have a new variety! I wonder if they will have baby birds, too... hopefully I'll get a picture of them. They are in and out of the house so fast! Taking a challenge, and today we learned it's important to show up in our own feed, so here I am! #showingupinmyownfeed #jkinstachallenge
I've been shamelessly binge-watching Netflix all week and, needless to say, I can't wait for Steven to be home🌿❤️👫
the sun is shining 🌞+ a full fridge and fruit bowl 🍊+ having the world's best lentil soup for lunch 🍜+ have a surplus of homemade candles 🎂 + feeling productive today 👊🏼+ it's wednesday which is so close to friday 💃... thinking of all the little good things, so today doesn't decide to kill me with all the work to do 😬 #gotthis
Healthy Momma Rose Tonight😀 #kombutcha #kombutchalove
Glorious sunshine past 8PM? Yes please! 👋 Summer is so close I can almost smell it!! 🙌 Are days stretching longer, tree buds growing bigger and warmer days happening where you are too??
They're perfect 📷 @no7
Look at Kade's lettuce go!! I LOVE how my boys are so intrigued with healthy eating 💚 Next spring we'll be planting a whole garden 😍 #simpleliving #momlife
One of my favorite spots in our little blue house ❤️ Still need some hardware since a few knobs are missing. Any suggestions on where to get not too pricey, cute hardware?? Also, the bestest and softest little sandal moccasins from @queenbmoccs that we LOVE, and wear all the time!!! ❤️ This spot makes me happy 😊 #simpleliving #livesimply #simpledecor #babymoccasins
Boa noite.... ou não 🙄 Porque na casa da vó pode tudo né gente?!
I had to document this space because 1) we've had this light from @lampsdotcom for about a month in here and I'm just waiting to switch out these bulbs cause it has some scratches and is super blinding🙈 lmk if you know of some affordable dimmable Edison bulbs please!! But also 2) because I'm actually moving this light to another space.. I tested it out in here but ultimately think it'll work somewhere else. Will share when I actually find the time to move it. It's been crazy busy as we bring this school year to a close 🙌🏽 #almostthere #currenthomeview #calihomevibes #calistyle #neutraldecor #whiteandwood #simpleliving
Finally getting around to booking some campsites for summer, can't wait! Sunsets and s'mores are calling my name. For now, I'm hard at work in an over-air conditioned office, so I will simply reminisce and pretend it's #throwbackthursday already 😆. 🌿🌊 #tepuitents #calisunset
This has been a life saver for me - when I started reading labels and seeing all the chemicals in products I use on a daily basis I was astounded! A google search with a few ingredients like parabens and fragrance really ticked me off - that these dangerous chemicals are even in supposed "natural" products as well! My journey in seeking health supporting options led me to Young Living - I have slowly replaced the chemical laden products in my home and guess what - they aren't just chemical-free, they work!
Five years ago when we were but 7. Never imagined we would end up with 6 children. It's tough. It's beautiful. It's challenging. It's humbling. It's rewarding. It's scary and fulfilling. We are in no way perfect parents. Who is?We will share the good, the bad and a little of the ugly. This is us. . . . . . #tribelife8 #thisisus #family #makingmoments #connection #childhoodsweethearts #hometowntoowoomba #minimelbourne #kidskidskids #marriageforlife #simpleliving #extraordinaryordinary #mumblogging #dadblogging #mommyblogger #australia #homemaking #lifespacecreator #sharingourstory #lifeissogood #whenwewere7
Kindness, and the most dreamy morning situation ever via beautiful @laurentrend xx | #femthelabel #lingerieforgood
A cloudy, rainy day calls for some hygge. Loving these blue Lyngby vases - we have one size in store on sale because we are spring cleaning to make room for new fabulous products🌱🌿 . 📷 = @nannatheill
Radishes 💛See more of my vegetable garden on my blog @aloeandaster 🍅🥕Do you have a vegetable garden? What have you planted?
Check out today's post on the blog, (link in profile) for 6 totally #unboring #minimal #wallspaces to #inspire you! Which one is your favourite? #simpleliving #simplify #barefootwarrior
Everyone loves corners. Just look at which restaurant tables are always taken first! Corners are cozy. And they are private. In this bathroom, each of the three functions has its own dedicated space. None has to share a wall with the other two. The shower occupies a luxurious corner of its own enclosed by a curved glass partition. The toilet and wash hand basin are also tucked into their own corners. This maximizes the space of the bathroom and gives each function its identity, if not total privacy. Using the corners in this way is an excellent design device to add new functions, separate them from existing ones and maximize the overall floor space of a room. With thanks to my intern @adhitar7 for the excellent drawing.
Build confidence, problem solving skills, and athleticism through free play. Or as I like to call it: An old-school childhood. We're doing our best to give the kids what we had growing up--time and freedom to #play, unscheduled. Because those of us who played outside barefoot, until the streetlights came on, are a strong, resilient, resourceful bunch. #gooutside #simpleliving #runwild #livefree