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I'm simple and beautiful I'm proud of myself. #cute #simplegirl #beautiful #blackandwhite
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She said, I don't want a model I don't want a movie star You don't have to win the lotto, oh I want you to win my heart Yeah, she said I just want someone true She said I just want someone to, smoke with me babe And lay with me babe And laugh with me babe I just want the simple things So smoke with me babe And laugh with me baby And lay with me baby 'Cause I just want the simple things I just want you #SimpleThings #SimpleGirl #OnRepeat #Miguel #Future #ChrisBrown
Assalamualaikum😍😍 #Simplegirl #Budakpendek
Made this video a few weeks ago because snow cones make me happy. Also, because there's really nothing else going on in my life. 😂😍 #snowcones #happiness #simplegirl #love
#naturalmakeup #simplegirl #tomboystyle Playin in makeup & embracing who I am
⭐Hey you...CAREER MOM⭐ You are a hard worker and you love your job. You love how much you have accomplished in your education and your career, but.... ...you've been wondering, what else can I do? Because when you really think about it, you've often put your education and career before your family. You feel like you've always struggled with that balance. Sadly, you've missed out on a lot of moments in your kid's lives. They've always been in daycare, and now they're getting older and you just want to be present for them. So, you begin to focus more on them, but then your job needs more of you (there's that struggle again 😕). You're still thinking about what else you can do, but it really freaks you out because you've ALWAYS wanted to be a _________ (you fill in the blank). That's what you went to school for (and that's what you're still paying those school loans for 😬). And then there's your OWN health...you have some serious work to do on yourself!! Your pants are tight, you're tired of buying a bigger size, you're tired of having no energy for your family when you get home from work. You know what you need to do, but there is just no time and you've tried and failed so many times that It's just life now. But, oh, you look in that mirror and say, UGH!! You just don't feel good about yourself!! Is that YOU?! Because that was me!! I'd love to have you join me on Tuesday night. I want to share with you on how you CAN accomplish everything your heart desires!! You CAN get healthy!! You can even start to earn a little income while you do! And it can even grow into a full-time income so that you can still have a career AND not miss another moment in your kid's lives!! Imagine being at your goal weight, doing something you enjoy, being present with your family, and still providing financially! Seems too good to be true, right?! It's not! The event is 👇 check it out and join us Tuesday.