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🍰 OHAYO 🍰 Вот я и снова здесь. Начало года принесло мне множество новых идей, желаний и глобальную мечту. Поэтому впереди долгий путь усердия и самовоплощения 😼 ❔Расскажите, как проходят ваши будни❔ Сейчас я сижу дома на больничном. Мне за 3 три дня уже надоело, но зато было время на мысли и некий отдых 😅 Оцените фотографии 💓 #summermemories с моделью @p.firee
I'm joining another #S4S and this time it's for @cerise.sakura_ !! 😄💕 Please follow her, she is such a cutie and I really like her cosplays! My favorite is Ran, because I never saw a Ran Mouri Cosplayer and if I had to decide - you always would be my fave!! Even if we never talked much (I'm really sorry for that!😓) I definitly can say you are one of my friends. And I would be happy if you would reach 1K soon because you deserve it so much! Really guys - this human is such a cutie and she always interacts with her followers! So dont be rude and follow her. You won't regret it!!😃 ° ° ° 🌸🌸🌸 #ranmouri #ranmouricosplay #detectiveconan #detectiveconancosplay #animecosplay #s4s #share4share #shoutout4shoutout #cerisesakurasfs 🌸🌸🌸
Denizleri aşta gel kurbanın olam Kurtar beni buralardan ne olur...😁🙈 Güzel Akşamlar✨🌙 Good Evening✨
's post — finally I made a new edit. So glad that it's nearly the weekend!👌🏻 this week has gone so fast😊 - • - →filter used: poet by @ghostlyfilters - • - →fonts used: ringbearer medium & signerica fat - • - →apps used: Instagram layout, phonto & polarr
This week's weekly prize 🎁 is a target giftcard. To claim it, its as simple as clicking the link 🔗in my bio and answering one ☝🏿trivia question. 💪🏿💪🏿 🔝
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Going home. After that heavy rain. Thanks God we got home safe. 😊
Follow and spam @neroinktattooshop they do great work!
Slayqueens😭😍 #kyliejenner @kyliejenner
Is Westbrook over or underrated?? Via: @splashcenter