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Shine bright like a 💎
This little star came down to earth from the heavens, made one complete journey around the sun, and we celebrated. With each passing day and year she has grown brighter and brighter. Today marks her fourth journey around the sun, and we celebrated. #starlight #shinebright #happybirthday
BLESSED. I am soo thankful for all the amazing beautiful people in my life right NOW! I'm highly supported and loved. Are you truly thankful for the people in your life ?? Do they lift you ? Do they encourage you to be better and shine? If you aren't feeling amazing after leaving your friends, then I suggest you question why you are spending time with them? Xxx Shine so fucking bright that you transform the life's of others around you. #shinebright #gorgeous #happyvibe #thankful #blessed #joy #friendship #surrender #goddess #livingmydreams #ocean #photoshoot @magicalrocket 📸 bracelets @babylemonadestore_ ✨✨
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Shine & Glow #shinebright #citylights
When you truly love what you do: - You will give 1000% - You will think outside the box on how to improve - You will be able to achieve a high level of focus and dedication - Procrastination and laziness WILL NOT EXIST - You will come to life and find more energy than ever before - You will feel “right” as if what you are doing is what you are meant to do - People will see your passion shine through your work - You will love living - #DoWhatYouLove #ShineBright #WorkHarder - Photo & Pump Credit : @andrew_vu87
☄☄Shine Bright babes, let that sparkle glow!!☄☄☄☄
KEEPING IT LOW KEY | via @julien_vallon #bedouinpeople
Did you bring light into anyone's life today? . I do not know if I did or not. . But a stranger did to mine. ☀️ . . While gardening today, a girl walking by with her dog, exchanged smiles with me, but then stopped. Thirty minutes and a great conversation later, I learned that she has spent years suffering from panic attacks and afraid of living her life. . That is until last year when she rescued a puppy from a shelter. He has been able to keep her from having attacks and gives her the courage to be out in public often. Of course with him by her side. But also without. . We do not know what others have been through in life. And everyone is walking a path that may not ever cross with ours. But I do know that a smile is universal and there are two less strangers in the world. 🌎 #shinebright #yogaloves #pranavidastyle