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Heart pumping and joy flowing at Squak Mountain. #trailrunning #squakmountain #pnwrunning #sheruns #sheexplores #runhappy #runnershighisreal
Today was one of those climbing days where my footwork feels on point, but my forearms just can’t seem to bear the weight. These are also the days I️ feel most inspired. Time to lift some weights. 💪🏼
Fun fact about me, I LOVE fantasy books. Elves, faeries, vampires, werewolves, sorcery, you name it. I will read it all. We stopped at Walmart earlier to pick up a present for the 1 year Olds birthday party, and I found a book I didn't even know I needed. I started a series in the 9th grade, and the author is still writing books for it. Obviously the nerd in me had to have it. 🤓 If you need me, I'll be curled up with a giant blanket reading about faeries and Shadow hunters for the next few days!
I turned 45 today. I know, I totally don’t look it! 😂 I LOVE my birthday month (as most of you know😜). It’s been an awesome couple of weeks. Beautiful people, yummy dinners, fun gatherings, and awesome adventures. Yesterday, we spent time in the somewhat warm desert and today we were in the snowy mountains. It doesn’t get much better than that. Thanks to all my sweet friends for spoiling me! I’m so blessed in this crazy life! • • • #hallelujahthisismychurch #soblessedinthiscrazylife #birthdaymonth #scorpios #desertadventures #choosemountains #womenwhoexplore #sheexplores
Miss this place so much ❤️
Before heading to Sydney, I had to properly prepare by watching the Olsen twins’ movie, “Our Lips Are Sealed.” They promised me cute surfer boys, potato chip eating kangaroo pals and endless exciting adventures. After 3 days in Sydney, I can tell you they are dirty little liars. Link in bio for more!
“OH MY GOD, SNOW!!” -Me every time I see snow ❄️⛄️
Just in case you didn’t know, Leavenworth is magical!! ✨🌙 . Thanks to @micheleharrod aka @washingtonunpaved I️ got to see a part of it more magical than the real world might imagine!! Thanks love 🥂 . . #pnwliving #explorehome #waexplored #photographylife #leavenworthwa #magicalpnw #pnwwonderland #bffday
Obsessed. Saguenay Fjord, Québec. September, 2017.
Okay I'm ready to go away again, any takers 🙋🏽🙋🏽 #wanderlust
It might be over soon
“I️ knew that climbing in Spain was not going to be easy, that I️ would be pushed out of my comfort zone. I️ had a lot of fears from my previous climbing accident and was finding myself hoping I️ could overcome this fear the easy way. I️ found myself wishing the climb was over when I️ was in tears on the wall. The words of @mindbodyclimb_ and the wonderful climbing crew telling me to breathe, be curious and practice gratitude instead of negativity helped me through this and I️ climbed to the top of those walls, even though it wasn’t pretty. By feeling vulnerable and afraid up high on those walls in Spain, I️ overcame fears and anxiety I️ never even knew I️ had. Thank you Abella for allowing me to climb your rocks and work through the feels of life. We learn the most from experiencing pain, heartache, and struggle.” - @deegins
There’s nothing like physical pain to make you fully present and aware of your situation. Our plan was to go rim-to-rim-to-rim, from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, to the bottom, up the North Rim and back. 45ish miles in total. On the way down, I somehow injured my knee. I managed to make it to our first campsite, part way up the north rim, but not without some tears and a bit of swearing. I woke up the next morning hoping the pain would have subsided and the injury would just be a fluke thing, but instead it was stiff and even more painful than the day before. I️ decided to hang back and rest my knee while Nate and Wang went up to the North rim. I cried a lot in those several hours that I waited for them to return. I’ve been dreaming of this hike pretty much since the first time I saw the canyon several years ago. I’d been planning and hoping and shaving off every ounce possible from my pack weight to make it easier. It’s hard not to feel like a total failure in moments like that. You plan something for so long only to have a random injury keep you from doing it. My dream of hiking to the North rim is still not fulfilled. Nate and Wang finally returned and we walked an excruciating 7 miles to our next campsite and the rest of the 9 miles up and out the next day. A kind older man saw me limping and gave me his knee brace. Regardless of the pain, the hike was absolutely beautiful and the company was even better. The Grand Canyon is by far one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been, and I love that the only way to truly see the National Park is to hike down into it. It attracts an interesting breed of tourists, only those willing to hike nearly 5,000 vertical feet down and back up. Anyway, I’m resting my knee and google searching what’s wrong with it, and also planning a trip back here in February. Anyone wanna join?