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“just turn off your phone first. I’ll keep you safe. I love you so much ❤️” I was going to keep my promise. I called up Andrew, and told him to call her flight company while I called the airport. “IS THAT PLANE SAFE TO FLY?!” I screamed. “MY GIRL IS IN THAT PLANE.” Tears were brimming in my eyes, beckoning to flow. The people on the other line kept trying to calm me down. My brothers around me were saying lots of encouraging and comforting words as well. But all I could think about was how I was safe, whereas she wasn’t. “They say that they’re trying their best to get in contact with the plane. They’re trying their best shawn. She’ll be okay.” Andrew said. Tears flowed down my cheeks as i buried my face into my hands. The fact that I’m not by her side when she needs me, disappoints me. There was absolutely no way I could physically comfort her, and that saddened me. “Shawn. Do you want to cancel the show today?” Andrew asked. ”Just give me a second...” I replied. I pondered, “She wouldn’t want me to give up my career and let my fans down. If I didn’t perform today, I’ll just be crying in my hotel room. She wouldn’t want that.” After a few minutes, I lifted my head up, blew my nose and wiped the tears away. “No... We’ll go on with the performance.” I choked out. • 2 hours before showtime. During Q&A, many fans asked me about her. I couldn’t do anything except put on a smile. Usually before the show, she would FaceTime me and give me encouragement. Now, it felt empty. I stepped onto the stage and the whole arena came to life. It warmed my heart, but the sorrow was still buried within. I didn’t sing with as much passion as I normally would, but the crowd was still as loud. In the midst of the “Life of the Party X Castle on the Hill” mashup, I saw Andrew backstage, waving his hands rapidly. I didn’t think much of it until he came out on stage with a microphone, telling the audience, “I am so sorry. Please remain in your seats. There has been a situation.” He dragged me backstage and said the very words I was afraid to hear the whole day. “They lost contact with the plane. The plane flew off radar.”
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This’s the last part of my there’s nothing holdin’ me back piano cover 💜 I hope you enjoy 💞 Hii💕 this is my piano cover of there’s nothing holdin’ me back by Shawn Mendes 😍 i hope you enjoy ♥️ 💖 @shawnmendes @shawn.mendesfact #shawnmendes #shawnmendes #shawnmendesarmy #mendesarmyforlife #mendesarmy #mendes1998 #illuminateworldtour #shawnmendessmile #mrsmendes #mendesarmyfamily #shawnmendesislife #mendesarmyforever #mendesarmyforeverandalways #mendesarmypower #shawnishot #shawnismyhero #shawnismyidol #l4l #f4f #theresnothingholdinmeback #piano #pianocover
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Part 15- Imagine: "You!" I shout across the hall. Some of the boys turn their heads as they see me, but Eddie only lifts his head up and looks away as if I'm a nuisance. "What do you want?" He sighs as I approach him. "Excuse me? You just got me BANNED from the stupid play, yet if I clearly remember, you were the one who snuck out-" "I don't know what you're talking about-" "Oh don't pretend about it Eddie! I think it was YOU as well who went wild-" There's a few snickers from people nearby and suddenly Eddie drags me to a nearby room, locking the door. "What the fuck Y/n?" My anger rises inside me. "Are you kidding me? Eddie, last night-" "I have nothing to do with it okay? I left-" "But why would you leave? Did you deliberately get me drunk so I can get laid by a random creep who's a scaley demon? I don't know what the hell is going on but-" I gasp as he grabs my hand tightly, hurting my skin. "Get off me Ed-" "No," he growls, his eyes flashing green at me. "Y-You're hurting me-" "I don't care!" I squeal as I hear a clap of thunder, yet there's no rain or storms outside. My body trembles slightly as I feel sick with fear. "Please don't-" "Nothing happened last night okay? You keep your mouth shut and everything will be okay-" "But that monster-" "It was nothing okay? Just your imagination, whatever." I pull his fingers off my arm. "Just like the kiss. Good luck finding an actor worse than you for the stupid play." I storm out of the room and head to my room. Everyone else is probably going to rehearsals today, but not me. Or Shawn. As I think of him, he turns around the corner, his face buried in a book as he frantically flicks through the pages. He tears out a piece of paper from the book as scrunches up into a ball. (👇Continues in comments👇) #shawnmendes #mendesarmy #shawn #mendes #shawnie #mendesarmyuk #mendesarmyforlife #mendesarmyforever #mendesmuffin #shawnisbae #shawnmendesfan #shawnmendesarmy #mendesshawn #shawnpeterraulmendes #shawnmendesfans #shawnmendesfanaccount #shawnmendesfanacc #shawnmendesfanpage #shawnmendesfanpages #shawnimagine #mendesimagine #shawnmendesimagines #shawnmendesfanfic #shawnmendesfanfics #shawnmendesfanfiction
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2 more shows,in Hong Kong tomorrow and Tokyo at 18th Dec.,and tour is gonna end..feel awkawrd #IlluminateWorldTour
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Hey loves!!💜💕❤these are two musical.lys of Shawn and aaliyah together💜💕 #shawnandaaliyah #shawnmendes #shawnmendesarmy #mendesarmy #greceeneedsshawn #greekmendesarmy #shawny #mendesarmyforever #shawnmendesarmyforever
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