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Zooming in on tall grass swaying in the breeze... can you see how the light flickers between the blades? 🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾 #lettherebelight
Mornings are always the best start to your day to make sure your happy and motivated. I'm here to challenge you guys to get up and start your day with what makes you happy. For me it's reading my bible, having a cup of coffee and editing some photos before I start my day of school and then volleyball practice. Really important for me to do this or else I'm not myself. So I'm challenging you guys to do this same thing. It will benefit you in so many ways.
Jump in....the waters fine. 👙
I just called, to say. I 🖤 U #abandoned @yellowbarnabbotsford
Let it shine 😏
The clouds.The Lake.Oh my ♡
The mountains called I answered...
Owl 🦉
Staves Lake, B.C.
Let the games begin.
White Rock.