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— Sarah with short hair is my fave😍🔥
and here's the last video that i'm gonna post and i just want to say, happy anniversary, babygirl. you're exactly the kind of person that deserves the world and i'm gonna give it to you, everything about our relationship is perfect and i wouldn't change it, or you for the world. i wouldn't change our three fur babies for the world either because like, they're pretty cool too. (even though you hate the cat 🙄). you're my world and i'm so happy that this day has finally come because i've been dying to celebrate TWO entire years of us. i love you, natalia. i love you so much it's always a struggle to write these and actually put my feelings for you into words and i've never loved anyone as much as i love you. i can't wait to see what's next for us and what amazing things the future has in store for us, princess. so once again happy //two year// anniversary, my everything. i love you and only you ❤️. @amortcntia
My number one😍 the loml🔥 My demon boyfriend😩
‪📷|Fotos em HQ da @kitkatsmeow no Entertainment Weekly's Annual Comic Con Bash em San Diego. Mais fotos em nosso Twitter - @brasilclizzy . . . . #shadowhunters #ShadowhunterSeason2 #shadowhuntersatsdcc #shadowhunters2b #shadowhunters #katherinemcnamara #claryfairchild #claryfray #clace #clary
Alec and Izzy's  scene in 2x16 ♥
I hate my friends 😂 They're sending so many stupidly selfies to me all the time 💩😹 . . . #matthewdaddario #alexanderlightwood #shadowhunters #aleclightwood #mattdaddario
Also a friend that I can tag in tøp stuff