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When the kardashians have hired private investigators to make sure chyna goes down 💅🏽
Along with eyeshadow palettes, I'm really going to make a conscious effort to use up some of my samples stash. On trial this week are the @katvondbeauty lock it primer and foundation, and the @kenraprofessional snail cc creme (for your hair! 😱)
Goodnight loves ❤️
I love these two brunettes! #omgpll #omgpage {THIS IS NOT A PT}
Baby, i need you in my life..
Snap chat hacks 1. To recover a lost streak, instantly go to the Snapchat website and file a claim saying “connectivity issues” and then it will return. 2. You can apply up to 3 filters in one snap by ~ apply your first filter as you normally would ~ once you have landed on that one, hold your thumb anywhere on the screen to secure it ~ then use your free hand to apply another filter ~ once you have chosen your second filter let your finger down slowly 3. Switch between front to rear camera while recording and all you have to do is double tap the screen 4. Memorize your Snapchat link to promote it ~ the link is www.snapchat.com/add/YOURUSERNAME 5. Turn on ‘Travel mode’ to save data and battery life 6. Find out if someone follows you back by ~ go to ADD FRIENDS ~ select add by username ~ type the person username ~ hold down on their username ~ if you see their sc score, they are following you back
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Okay finally! So my 22nd birthday is coming up in November, so I decided to do a little sfs for my birthday! This sfs will run from now until November 7th (my bday). I decided to have a goal of at least reaching 150 followers (small goal, but I'm a small account). If I reach that will have a giveaway. I have no idea what will be the contents of that give away, but yay! The potential to win free stuff! . . . . RULES (I know, laaammmeee): you must be following me, you need to use this picture along with the hashtag #dvbdaysfs I will leave all sfs up from now until the end and you will do the same (please?) . And tag me because if you don't tag me I won't see it right away . Time: NOW- Nov 7th :) . . . Goal: reach 150 followers and then a giveaway! Have fun! . . . #anakinskywalker #sfs #cosplay #cosplayer #anakinskywalkercosplay #jedicosplay #sith #jedi #sithlord #sithhappens #starwars