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Jin conducted the winds, the breeze of notes that braided through his hair. Jin conducted the waters, the flow of music that enveloped him in serenity. Jin conducted the fires, the burning intensity of accents burning his spirit brighter. Jin conducted his orchestra, an army of voices trusting his hands and baton with their talents and potential. He stood on his podium each evening, directing an invisible orchestra that had long been packed into cases. The conductor lay on his music stand, tapping his finger to the beat of a song only he could hear. Only he and his pianist. He recalls the day he met the man who would become the pianist that truly brought his orchestra together. He giggled at the memories of the shorter man yelling to him initially, declaring that he would play whatever he wanted, that he didn't need sheet music. Jin would eventually be able to expand his horizons, as he did with all his musicians. When all instruments went silent at night, the piano kept playing. The conductor walked over and admired the pianist, reminiscing on just how much he had grown over the years. The conductor walked over to his seat and admired his pianist, proud that he did ultimately find his dream. "You've always wanted to play your own music." Jin said, leaning over to his friend as he watched the prodigy from years before on stage with a solo. "Be your own conductor. Play the piano, the conductor and your heart will follow." Yoongi only bowed and nodded to him before he turned to face the piano. A short writing for you, @helloimshy#Yoonjin #BTSImagine #WeWantSeokjin #SeokjinDeservesBetter #LetJinShine #JinDeservesBetter © Shine On Me #Jin #Seokjin #KimSeokjin #진 #김석진 #BTS #ARMY #BangtanSonyeondan #방탄소년단 #防弾少年団
{🌸} 11.16.17 . [🍣] sotd: Iffy- Sik k . {🎟} I GOT MY PHONE BACK AND IM EH. nothing exciting has happened :/ . #jin #jinbts #bts #seokjin #seokjindeservesbetter #pink #aesthetic #pastel #kinseokjin
Imagine: Your neck tickled as the sugar gliders scampered across your skin before hopping onto your mini Seokjin's head. The little boy reached up for his critter friends, startled when the animals hopped towards the TV. He crawled himself to you, disappointed at how the sugar gliders fled from him, yearning for your attention and reassurance. You held him close to you, this boy that radiated so much warmth from his small body. He blinked with his soft lashes, looking to the screen with his father's eyes. He grinned widely as he directed your attention to the performers on the TV. "Who's that?" You asked him, holding his arm as he grew even more excited. He babbled in his baby talk, hopping on the cushion to the beat of the song. You ran your fingers over his plush cheeks, tapping his pink lips as he reached up to wrap his arms around your neck. "Daddy!" It was his first word. #BTSImagine #WeWantSeokjin #SeokjinDeservesBetter #LetJinShine #JinDeservesBetter © In Your Eyes #Jin #Seokjin #KimSeokjin #진 #김석진 #BTS #ARMY #BangtanSonyeondan #방탄소년단 #防弾少年団
I haven't forgotten that this page is for Jin, even if it seems like some dumping ground for writing. 92 - 12 = 80 80 / 4 = 20 Here's 20 words about Jin: Beautiful. Lovely. Exquisite. Splendid. Humble. Blessed. Divine. Ethereal. Pulchritudinous. Congenial. Radiant. Alluring. Captivating. Dulcet. Amiable. Cordial. Affectionate. Courteous. Genuine. Jin. #WeWantSeokjin #SeokjinDeservesBetter #LetJinShine #JinDeservesBetter © Shine On Me #Jin #Seokjin #KimSeokjin #진 #김석진 #BTS #ARMY #BangtanSonyeondan #방탄소년단 #防弾少年団
Yes, I like "those Asian dudes." Just kidding, I don't. You know what I do like though? I like BTS, I like VIXX, I like MONSTA X, GOT7, EXO, ASTRO... Ah, I see. We can't just say "those Asian dudes" because there's so many different groups, we can't just classify them into one. What a revelation. I hear calls, your statement that "they're all the same!" I do definitely see, I see your point. Of course! All these people definitely look the same, all have the same personalities, voices, and names. All these groups are truly the same. Not only do they all have the same name, they all have the same concepts. Have you ever watched GOT7's "Just Right" and VIXX's "Fantasy?" You may be surprised as just how they're both the exact same concept. What a shame, generalization locks out so many other cultures and worlds. Isn't it strange? What have we become, that "those Asian dudes" almost sounds like an insult? #WeWantSeokjin #SeokjinDeservesBetter #LetJinShine #JinDeservesBetter © Peach And Daisy #Jin #Seokjin #KimSeokjin #진 #김석진 #BTS #ARMY #BangtanSonyeondan #방탄소년단 #防弾少年団
Jin sat on a mountain of tissues rivaling the spring's laundry pile. He tossed the newest edition to the mass aside, and groaned, his forehead growing in heat by the minute. Suddenly, he felt an attack around his waist, a slithering hold keeping him down. "Stop moving!" Jimin only hugged the other boy tighter. "Love is the best medicine!" "You'll get sick too!" "I'll never get sick of you." Jimin pulled Jin back to lay beside him, and held his phone above them both. "Let's go live so ARMY makes plenty of gifs of you sneezing." The following day, Jin arrived to the stage feeling great, his cold lifted. He stared at Jimin who was bundled up as if he were performing in the Arctic. "What did I tell you?" Jin asked the sick boy, who sneezed endlessly. "What can I say?" Jimin mumbled into the scarf. "You look really cute when you're sick and I like to take care of you." #Jinmin #BTSImagine #WeWantSeokjin #SeokjinDeservesBetter #LetJinShine #JinDeservesBetter © JIN SPOONFUL #Jin #Seokjin #KimSeokjin #진 #김석진 #BTS #ARMY #BangtanSonyeondan #방탄소년단 #防弾少年団
Imagine: With your phone in hand, you strolled through the airports, searching for your boyfriend in the ocean of cameras and excitement. Finding him and his gorgeous smile which could light up, and power the world for centuries to come, you jumped with joy, and ran through the crowds to him, tripping as the cord of your earbuds tangle with a backpack. You quickly recover, thankfully only a small bruise present on your leg. Looking on the floor and under shoes, you bit your lip as you searched for the phone that just fell from your hand. "I think this belongs to you." You froze, and retrieved the familiar device from the man behind you. You thanked him, and just as quickly as you saw him, you had run off. He twirled the cord that tripped you, and watched as you disappeared. "What did he have that I didn't?" He looked on, watching his band mate hug you with so much love and happiness that it made him sick. Perhaps, the only times he would see you were in these chance encounters, when you would trip and stumble back into his life accidentally. #BTSImagine #WeWantSeokjin #SeokjinDeservesBetter #LetJinShine #JinDeservesBetter © JINTIME #Jin #Seokjin #KimSeokjin #진 #김석진 #BTS #ARMY #BangtanSonyeondan #방탄소년단 #防弾少年団