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Why haven’t you seen it I’m all for you body and soul - - #selfportrait #truevintage #vintagemodel #laactor #lamodel
Everything you do is irresistible 🎶🎶 my thing for inktober #inktober2017 #inktober #itsoctoberyall #thecure #selfportrait
#inktober day 18: filthy (or not anymore). I'm feeling better lately _____ #inktober2017 #original #selfportrait #myart
#Rowan witch/ #selfportrait #inktober I'm actually not a real witch, and I've never seen a rowan tree irl. But Rowan/ #luis is supposed to be the month on the Ogham calendar* that would cover my birth. It is supposedly a Scrappy and strong tree that represents protection from enchantment. People would hang branches of it on doors, plant it at gates or in cemeteries. Twigs were used for inscribing runes as a form of divination, and the #celtictreeoracle deck guide book speculates that the words "rune" and "rowan" come from the same root. Imbolc, or St. Brigid's Day, also falls on rowan month, hence the candle. *The Celtic Tree Oracle Deck asserts that February is Willow month, since the year starts with Samhain and Birch month in November. While the idea of the year starting after Samhain makes sense, most other versions of the Ogham calendar put Birch in January. Which makes sense visually because it's the time when the trees have the least leaves and birch Ogham has one tick. It seems like the are a lot of different versions of the calendar, though, with a lot of different trees (especially when you get to late summer/fall). Like I said, I am not a witch, definitely not a druid, and by no means a historian. So basically I do what I want and tell the story that I fancy best. Don't depend on me for reliable information.
🎶We saw ourselves in roses. That's the kind of wine that can't be bought.... 🌹✨
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