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The Universe will never let you go. She pours her sunlight all around you and cloaks your skin in stars. She holds you in the summer embrace and consoles you with a cool fall breeze. She lifts you up and mends your brokenness, fills you with so much love you can feel your seems stretching. Do not feel lonely, the Universe resides in all that you are. Even when you are lost, she is with you. Hold on tight through this journey of life... We will make it through the darkness and bathe in the light. Photography by: @bethwaterman #indyphotographer #thoughtcatalog #thoughtcatalogwriters #thoughts #life #selflove #selfdiscovery #universe #loveyourself #strength #writer #hope @thoughtcatalog
Had an amazing 10 days @hotasanahampstead with these phenomenal women. I’m back in the studio @hotasanadurham until I head to @hotasanacos next week. Hope to see you on the mat! 🤗 Tuesday 11/21 - 4:30pm Hot Flow Wednesday 11/22 - 10:30am Hot Yoga, 12pm Warm Yin, 6pm Hot Flow 🍂THANKSGIVING DAY - 10am Hot Flow (only 3 spots left!!) 🍁 Friday 11/24 - 10:30am Hot Yoga Sunday 11/26 - 10:30am Hot Yoga Monday 11/27 - 10:30am Hot Yoga, 12pm Warm Yin, 6pm Hot Flow Tuesday 11/28 - Colorado Springs bound!! ✈️🏔🤸🏻‍♀️ #HotAsana #HAYU #TeacherTraining #FollowYourBliss #LiveWhatYouLove #wanderlust #yogaeverydamnday #Repost @hotasanayogauniversity ・・・ Shout out to Hot Asana Yoga University’s Hampstead class of 2017 who just completed their first 10 days of #yogateachertraining!! •
• • • #liveyouryoga #yogafamily #personalgrowth #selfdiscovery #selfstudy
The 21 Day Unshakable Confidence Program will take you on a journey of self-discovery to discover the real you, establishing a deeper understand of yourself and build strong self esteem throughout all areas of you life. WANT MORE INFO? Comment below...
Once upon a time I thought I needed to be “skinny” to be happy with my body. Turns out, that’s not true. I don’t want to be skinny nor do I need to be. What I’ve learnt over the last 2 years is that my health is my greatest wealth. Nourishing my body and mind is of far more value to me and my family than anything else. The ripple effects continue to make such a positive impact. However, I still have people share with me that they think I am “obsessed with working out”. Hmmm yeah, nah....maybe I would say that I’m obsessed with valuing my health?Unapologetically, I practice regular exercise and cleaner eating for quality of life, control of my wellbeing and empowerment of my soul. I’ve been on the verge of chronic illnesses due to an unhealthy lifestyle in the past and even had to have my gall bladder removed as a result. I’ve also lost many friends to Cancer and the message they’ve all shared, is that we must not take our health for granted. We need to make regular doctors visits to monitor our baselines, nourish our bodies and minds with clean food and self care and be active daily. There’s nothing like watching someone you love die to appreciate life and all the things you should actually be making a priority. None of us are promised a tomorrow but we can do our best to be proactive and not reactive! So for those concerned, I’m not training to get skinny, I’m training to be a fit, bad ass who respects her body and values her health. 💪🏽🦄
💡 To seek comfort, stability and sanctuary in the external, is to seek the ephemeral. We look for understanding, meaning to this void. We yearn to understand this darkness that speeps through our veins, this hollowness that seems to burn. We were born imprinted, our minds were never our own. We were split and torn, between sane and insanity. A thick magnetic tar trap, that called to us from the shadows. A call only we could hear. Our foundations were fractured, incomplete. What choice did we have, but to form our home inside another. We prayed for safety, deliverance from our demons. Praying to God, that one day, maybe one day... We could be loved enough to become real. But, there is no peace to be found in the extrinsic. We thirst and search for a place that feels like home, it never comes. That inner sanctum we so desperately crave, can never be found within another. 🔑 If you are searching for home, look inside yourself 🔑 Those around us will merely serve as mirrors, their reflections just as empty as ours. Until we are ready to see beyond their surface. The depth of our stability will only be found, in the fabric of the foundation we contruct within ourselves. - N.D • • • • #whoami #selfdiscovery #depression #addictions #anxiety #mentalillness #lonliness #foundations #psycholgy #thenewnornalguide #mirrors #donotseeksanctuaryinothers #recovery #thoughts #writing #selfdiscovery #youarenotalone #dontgiveup #ittakestime #shadowself #carljung #sigmanfreud #fracturedselves #theanswersliewithin #capetown #wintergirl #poetry #wordsaremysolice
It's time for you to move forward and get on with your life. Don't let the past eat away at all of the beauty of the now. Enjoy the present moment like you never have before. #happiness #joy #happy #live #love #laugh #nature #beyou #fall #behappy #mindfulness #conciousness #beobservant #watchthemind #happinessiscontagious #blissed #positivity #altruism #selfactualized #selfdiscovery #personalgrowth #workingonme #zen #livenow #onelove #peace #within
These hills were definitely alive with the sound of music!
Mood #Repost @jojoabot ( @get_repost) ・・・ Blinded by fear We are easy to conquer Separated in War Never understanding each other Taking orders from fools That know not what they do Blinded by hate We are wasting away Instead of levitating To our Godly place Early morning meditations manifested above the illusionary space that is Maboneng against the reality of Jeppestown - a deeper exploration of SELF and source ✨POWER TO THE GOD WITHIN✨ Song- Divided by Fear (iPhone only compilation- unreleased) #FYFYAWOTO #jeppestown #maboneng #selfdiscovery #AFRICA #DNA #ANCESTRY 1 of 4
What God gave my hands I only discover as I use them. #useyourgifts #godgivestalents #selfdiscovery #pointedpencalligraphy #scriptcalligraphy
“Climb every mountain, Ford every stream, Follow every rainbow, Till you find your dream” -Mother Abbess from The Sound of Music
Growth is painful. Change is painful. But NOTHING is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you truly don't belong... Big changes in store for this girl, l promise to share more when it's time, in true Liz fashion 😉 💗 . #changes #selflove #growth #selfdiscovery
Find adventure and see where it takes you! 🏔 Apex Social provides many opportunities to travel around the US and Australia while gaining experience ✈️Where do you want to visit the most? Let us know in the comments! 💕 ⠀ 📸: @laura_willert