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So today I found myself showing off 2 pairs of shorts to my tribe members that I’d been HOLDING on to for like 10 years. .. 10 YEARS people!🙈 .. Short shorts that even if I did fit into, I probably wouldn’t be caught dead wearing. .. Somewhere in the back of my brain, I was still thinking that I should hold onto these 2 pairs of size 2 short shorts JUST IN CASE!🙄 .. In case of what ELISE? .. 💥A fire? An apocalypse where all the food on the planet is gone and I’m skinny as f&c* because I’m starving? .. Seriously. .. 💨It was the perfect reminder to myself that there is always baggage to clear out- literally and mentally. .. You guys, I’m NOT perfect. Trust me. .. 🥕I’ve come a LONG way with my health, my relationship to my body and food and sometimes stuff STILL pops up. .. The BIG difference NOW is that I can SEE it. 👀 .. I’m able to recognise it, tell it “Thanks but no thanks” and move on feeling even more connected and aligned with my body than before.💪 .. 💞So I’d love for this to be a reminder for you. .. What beliefs, no matter how tiny or big are YOU holding onto right now that aren’t serving you. .. Is it the belief that you shouldn’t by a new pair of jeans, even though your current ones make you feel like the muffin man JUST IN CASE you drop those extra couple kilos this week? 👖 .. Is it the believe that those jeans that you just can’t quite fit into are serving as motivation so you best be keeping them. (How well is THAT working?) .. ❤Is it the belief that you don’t deserve to LOVE yourself fully as you are right now, even though there are things you want to improve upon? .. Start to question. ❓ .. Start to investigate. 🤓 .. That’s HOW you create change with ease. .. This is HOW you can get to a place where in 3 months time you barely recognise your health, body and the CONFIDENCE that oozes out of you from where you might be now. 💃 .. I have 4 SPOTS available for a BRAND NEW 1:1 Coaching program that is by far the most EPIC program I’ve ever offered to date! 👊 .. ⚡️PM me today if you’re ready for more. 😘
Ah the hairdressers. A place where I can go in looking a bit ropey and emerge looking somewhat more like a goddess, because my stylist is a magician. Even if I do resemble a cross between the Tin Man and Cousin It during the transformation #gettingmyhairdid #thingswedotolookgood #balayage #timetojazzitup #selfcare #stillbeatsexercise #inprogress
Our #ReplenishAwayDay yesterday hosted by Mary Ann Clements was so refreshing and honest. A huge Thank You to our guests Meg Kissack, Kimberly Weiss, Christina Lynch and Desiree Lynn Adaway for joining us and sharing with us. The recordings from our sessions yesterday can be found on our Facebook group 'What if taking care of yourself helped you make a bigger difference?' Link in bio to join group and access them. #womensupportingwomen #selfcare #selfcarematters #selfcareeveryday
Spinach, tomato, rotisserie chicken, hummus and avocado on whole wheat bread 👌🍅🥑
Who's down for the challenge? #selfcare
#todaysgratitudelist You know when you just go and flow and just be and let life happen how it is supposed to happen and you just go with it all? That pretty much sums up my day. I'm working on letting go of my need to control everything and am conscious of my reactions to resist. When I'm on, life has been amazing. When I stumble, life stumbles too. And that's okay. The most important thing is awareness. Awareness opens the doors to change and I think right now, even with the wobbles and trips, I'm headed in the right direction. Choosing love. #gratitude #love #gratefulheart #selfcare #selflove #beautifulday #myhappy #findyourjoy #intention #namaste #om #shineon #awareness #lifecoach #inspiration #mytruth #honesty
O dia a dia nos faz não termos tempo para prepararmos algo tão elaborado, bonito ou saudável. Mesmo nessa correria da vida, precisamos cuidar para melhorarmos nossa alimentação, estarmos mais dispostos e nutrir nosso corpo e mente. Vai por mim, o humor é outro e a energia também! No #sonheiemcomer irei trazer dicas e receitas para fazermos, juntos, essa mudança. 🍃Dica de hoje: Pasta de grão de bico. Além de ser super saborosa, é fácil combinar em várias propostas. Fiz com ingredientes que tinha em casa e passarei a receita dessa combinação, porque aqui é vida real e, muitas vezes, precisamos nos virar com o que temos. Receita: 2 xícaras de grão de bico 2 dentes de alho Suco de 1 limão Páprica e cebolinha a gosto (aqui você pode usar os temperos e ervas que quiser) 2 colheres de sopa de azeite Água para bater Modo de preparo: Coloque o grão de bico de molho por 8 horas ou de um dia para o outro. Cozinhe até que fique fácil de espetar. Em um processador, coloque todos os ingredientes e processe colocando água aos pouco. A pasta tem que ficar cremosa (cuidado para não colocar água demais). Usem e abusem da criatividade (fiz um roll de alface e recheei com a pasta, couve e ovos). Compartilhe também suas ideias com a gente! O que vocês comeram ou vão comer de bom hoje? #sonheiemcomer #umavidaemumsonho
✨September has challenged me an incredible amount... and not in the feel good way. I've been pushed to my limits, had a lot of old anxiety come back, and been dealing with tough people, tough feelings, and omg, so many doubts. ✨Sometimes your only motivation to press through is because there is no other way, and that's ok. Keep going. You're not alone and having a tough time is part of being human. ✨ #cheapcourage check in time! ✨Honestly, how have you been this month? How can I help you stay on track with your creative goals? DM or comment here... let's be there for each other! ✨❤️
Since renoobing in August. 🙌🏻 Down 55 from my heighest. 😬💁🏼 #gettinghealthy #selfcare #weightloss #postpartum #neverthelessshepersisted
It saddens me to see so many people suffering with depression these days, and often suffering silently. As someone who has had my own experience with depression, I understand how dark life can be and how scary is it is to ask for help or even admit that yes, I am depressed 🙋 We have come a long way to smashing through the stigma associated with mental illnesses like depression and anxiety, but we still have such a long way to go 👟 That's why I am super excited and proud that this month within the Healthstyle Emporium, it is our mission to break through the stigma surrounding mental health and help make an impact 👊 Having just had World Suicide Day and R U OK Day, this month in our online holistic health program, our amazing team psychologist Tash will be hosting an online webinar on the 28th of September for our members on the topic of depression 🙏 She will be covering 👉What is depression and what can cause it? 👉How to overcome it 👉How you can help others struggling with depression Please, if you or anyone you know currently needs help, or you would like to learn more about this topic - join us live for our 60 minute webinar 🙏💜 Please reach out for information n how you can join, I would love to share this with you guys 🌻💛
Thanks for having me @danesfieldhouse loved teaching hatha yoga this morning with a bit of cheeky abdominal work thrown in for good measure isolating abdominals makes it that little bit harder. Grateful for the teaching and for the gorgeous burst of colour from the geraniums too 🌸🙏🏼 #yoga #selfcare #rest #restore #love #me #happy #smile #respect #laugh #change #truth #yogaeverydamnday #getonyourmat #wisdom #breathe #yogasutras #authenticyoga #awareness #namaste #gratitude #space #bliss #bosslife #practicewhatyoupost #capturinggratitude @capturinggratitude
You can make your dreams happen. Figure out a plan and just go for it! 💕 #dreamsdocometrue
Goooooooooood Morning Beautiful, Amazing, Happy, Prosperous, Blessed, Determined People!!!!!!!!!!!! Just dropping some of this Early morning Energy on you it's gooooooooo time guys!!!!!! Go build something great today and like one of my many coaches said make sure you doing IPA: Income Producing Activity, so let's be Productive not just Busy!!!!!! Have the best day Ever EVERYDAY!!!!! Love you mean it!!!!! #togodbetheglory #columbia #hairstylist #primericachangedmylife #primerica #fitness #mealprep #mealplan #transformation #life #deliverance #grace #overcomer #delivered #wealth #financialfreedom #financialservices #sixfigures #growth #motivation #love #selfcare #gymfitness #gym #grace