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Self made Spruch 🌹 Welche Augenfarbe habt ihr? 💓 Braun 😊 • Leute die nächsten Tage wird vielleicht nichts kommen, da ich Prüfungen habe. 🙄 Lya❤️ • #spruch #sprüche #spruchbild #saying #sayings #gedanken #selfmade #text
🔥Let’s use the BEST words we possibly can🔥 ✖️ Where focus goes, energy flows! By the simple fact that you are focusing your energy on something you tell yourself every day, you write your own story of your life in your head. The story you are telling yourself becomes your life. You literally become what you think about, most of the time - so please be careful of your self-talk. ✖️ Stand every morning in front of the mirror and tell yourself: “I love myself. I am the most wonderful human being and I am always trying to grow and to learn…!“ I hope you get the basic idea. You have to believe in yourself and tell yourself all the positive and good things. Every human being in the world can believe in you, but that means nothing if the story you are telling yourself is one of doubt and anxiety! ✖️ Use positive words, strong words, motivational words - because the major key to your better future is truly you! ✖️ ❤️LIKE if you mind your self-talk! ✖️ 📝COMMENT: What do you tell yourself everyday to become the BEST VERSION of yourself? ✖️ 🔥be safe, be loving, be present, be grateful🔥 ✖️ david
🐪The #soul invariably travels at the #speed of a #camel 🔼 #arabic #saying 🔽 #travel 🌍 #africa #safari #sleep under the #stars ✈🌜 #τσεμπερι_απαραιτητο 🆒 #desert #style #ride #morroco #αραξε λίγο