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**for the oceans** Sea Shepherd Kampagne BALTIC SEA | Schutz der Schweinswale. #sandyppeng #seashepherd #fortheoceans #whales #savethewhales #seashepherdglobal #balticseacampaign 🌊
For every 1️⃣0️⃣people I tell that I try to live more sustainably ♻️by producing as little trash as possible, there will be: 👆that rolls their eyes 🙄💩 ✌️that tell me they appreciate my efforts, but could never live this way 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️ 👆that tries to be #zerowaste, but only around me 🙇‍♀️🙇 ✋️that begin seeing things differently and may make subtle changes on their own and 👆that changes their lifestyle! ----------------------------- That last one is my friend @brook1aj. He even goes as far as to pick up trash and recyclables around #CapitolHill as he walks the dogs he trains! 🐶🙌♻️🚯 ----------------------------- Don't get discouraged if you can't convince everyone to live this way. I used to (as I even wrote about in a blog post a few weeks ago), but I realized that I wasn't always this way, either; that through educating myself I learned how to live more sustainably. Just keep getting the word out! 🗣 #bethechange #mondaymotivation #thankyouforbeingafriend #plasticfreejuly
Til mine faste følgere; min årlige tur på vannscooter 😎🐳 #savethewhales #whalehellothere
My bag for life is better than yours. Thanks Motley Brew!! #hailsatan #tea #savethewhales #satan #motleybrew
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When pool toys are better then the pool. #futuredolphintrainer #savethewhales #SummerInSaskatchewan
Maja model! #workit
The Save the Whales colorway from #thelemonadeshop is really hard to capture. It's white and a lovely blue-gray, with occasional flecks of neon green. Here's a photo in the (fading) natural light (top) versus a photo in artificial light (bottom).
This yarn and pattern are both lovely, but MAN, 8-stitch crosses are kind of a 🐻. 😝
Also blocked this weekend: This #majashawl on #thelemonadeshop DK in Save the Whales. 🐋🐋 I think I blocked the bind-off edge poorly... it had a nice wave to it just off the needles, and it seems very angular and pointy now. Like vintage Madonna boobs. #bwoops
Can't wait to try this. Thanks @Amyris! #BIOWC17 #Sponsor @biossance