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Llega septiembre y con él las ¿nuevas? editoriales de moda: súper creativas, llenas de color y de vitalidad!! Esta es de Mikael Jansson septiembre 2017... es verla y querer comprarte todo todo y todo 😩😭 #fashion #fashionphotography #nosomoszombies #savethemodels
Locked up #savethemodels 😄 // w/ @martaabraz // That was a freaking hot day, guess now I know sweat is the best way to get that cool shine on the skin 😂
You know you need to take up eating...when the wind fan ragdolls your butt across the set!:0
Client/Friend @jmulan gave @broadcasthouston an exclusive on her newest venture, "Save The Models" , a charity initiative with the @jmulanagency to help protect models rights. Be sure to lock in August 12th for more information on how you can be apart of the change ‼️🌹 #iamphreshy #jmulanagency #nextup #savethemodels
If ur still with nemo modeling then i hope for u the best cause the agency isnt nice to others really its a waste of time and business and i hope yall open ur eyes like @jcloudy_withrice @rana_rorito and me did cause if ur still fooling with they lame ass shut then u must want them to walk all over u like piece of trash
Joe-i drive an audi and im better than you Andrew-saab gang for life Brennan-crash-carson Danin-i just dont give a fuck #sausage #crash #bros #squad #savethemodels #sexy #goals #squadgoals
Ok I never post ppls #fundraiser shit but in this case one of my favorite models is having a #surgery soon and she is selling these sexy #posters of her #modeling work to cover some of the costs that insurance isn't covering go to @tctnt page or @donotfeedthemodels for links and info #fuckcancer #savethemodels
When you're the least snow bunny person ever but you're obligated to take cute winter pics #Imfreezing #whatidoforthisjob #help #savethemodels