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그런데 너무 가까운 당신! 🙈 #philippines #bacnotan #surfing #쟁갱부부 #happysurfer #saveourseas
17.11.11 노즈.. 너무 먼 그대🙋🏿‍♂️ 열심히 연습 중! #philippine #bacnotan #happysurfer #saveourseas
Which one is your favorite? @SignatureSeas creates apparel inspired by the sea 🌊 and supports marine life conservation with each purchase. 🦈🐠🐟 Visit SignatureSeas.com to learn more 👉 @SignatureSeas👈 Use coupon code "discover" for 10% off today! #conservation #oceanminded #saveourseas #marinelife
I love this shot of #NikkiTheTigerShark 🐯🦈 as she investigates the bubbling mayhem at the back of the boat. My fin to the right and @oneoceandiving safety diver, #sharktoothfairy @mermaid_kayleigh tucked in close to my left behind the camera. Large species of sharks, like tiger sharks are vital to our oceans ecosystems as they keep the natural mortality in a range of prey in balance. 🐢 Turtles, marine mammals and small elasmobranchs (sharks, skates and rays) have very few other predators, so without sharks their abundance, distribution and behaviour is affected, causing a cascade of changes throughout the marine food web. Having recently seen the documentary @bluethefilm2017 it brought to light again the number of struggles our ocean faces on a daily basis, and reinforced in my mind how important it is that we continue to educate each other about these issues. #stayinformed and #makegoodchoices - as consumers, our decisions impact the environment every single day. Dreaming of encounters like this with @oneoceandiving ✨💙🦈🙏🏼 Mahalo to the amazing team for sharing their experiences with me over the last few months!
THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE!!! 🔥👑🌎 You guys! My amazing friend and roommate and @ScubaQueenUSA sister just WON the MISS SCUBA INTERNATIONAL pageant!!!!! I can't tell you how proud I am of her for taking on this challenge (after a little peer pressure and some coaching) and putting her best skate forward to represent our country in the coolest pageant on the planet! She obviously didn't need my help because I knew she had it in her!!! Her passion for the ocean is incredible and I know she will do good things for the environment! Watch out world, Brittany Novick is going to save the ocean one piece of plastic at a time! 💖😭 #Repost @scubaqueenusa ・・・ We are happy to introduce you to your Miss Scuba International 2017, representing the USA, @_bee.inspired_ ! Be sure to stay tuned to follow her journey this year as she travels the world to make a change in protecting and preserving our oceans! 🇺🇸👑🌊💕 @miss_scuba_international #missscubainternational #scubaqueenusa #missscubausa #oceanconservation #saveourseas #blueworld #womendivers #girlswhoscuba #scubadiving #divers #womenempowerment #girlpower
// Pretty views today 🌊💨🌾
Keep our oceans clean! Next time you are at the beach, take a moment to pick up a piece of trash. Our oceans are increasingly becoming more polluted. Help make a difference!
Mesmerizing 😍 Can you name this shark ? #shark #lagoon #reef #ocean #saveourseas #sharklover
Since watching @blue.planet.2 - I am even more committed to being an #oceanhero 💪🏼☺️ Was super impressed by @skyoceanrescue when visiting last week ⭐️🙌🏻 and will commit to improving the last 3 things in this checklist for me....can you do your bit too?? 💪🏼🐠🐟🐡🐳🐋🦑🌊 #oceancleanup #saveourseas #animalslivehere #greenpeace #saynotoplastic #oceancleanupproject #oceanhero #oceanplasticpollution