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I feel like only you know my heart, even I am blind to it. I feel you leading me and guiding me but I'm still to wrapped up in my own fear to truly grasp your hand. #sanctuary
Teddy Roosevelt Jr
Im spending time in the garden with today's crystal stash - tourmaline (the black one), carnelian (orange) and hematite (silver). I know some people put their crystals in their bra but I'm not a fan of that - I usually have too many on the go for them to be safe in there!! Do you have any crystals on you today? I'd love to hear which ones! 🔮 . . . #crystals #crystal #tourmaline #carnelian #hematite #outdoors #mother #nature #flowers #flower #grounding #gettingready #for #retreat #helenjoybutler #home #heart #sanctuary #love #compassion #joy #connection #garden #stash #today
DreamGirl The Mama Llama needs your healing love!! This beautiful old lady has been diagnosed with a tumor 💔 I was concerned when I couldn't get any weight on her, no matter how much she ate. Unfortunately, the vet's exam confirmed my fears. The tumor is affecting her esophagus & causing digestive problems. I've lit the healing lanterns for my precious girl & hoping you will all keep her in your thoughts & send her love!! We all love you DreamGirl!! Her 6 little boy goats who think she's their Mama are all by her side! 💜 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐Notice her Cindy Crawford beauty mark? ☺️ Sending love to Belinda as well. She was DreamGirl's former mom 💖 @belindajo221 #llama Photo by me @enchantedfarmgirl 🔮🌲
s a n c t u a r y 🖤 . . . . . . . . . #homedecor #gothlair #creepy #homegoods #sanctuary #bedroomgoals
WARREL DANE, legendary vocalist of Sanctuary and Nevermore, will return with his second solo album, currently created under the guidance of renowned producer Roy Z (Bruce Dickinson, Halford, Helloween, Sebastian Bach) in 2018. Titled “Shadow Work”, the album is the follow up to the 2008's acclaimed, "Praises to the War Machine", and stylistically strays away from its predecessor, which leaned towards a goth-tinged, less metallic rock sound. First rough mixes already reveal that “Shadow Work” will offer darker, heavier, more complex songs, occasionally flirting with extreme metal by incorporating such elements as blast beats and combining this with WARREL DANE’s unique, dramatic trademark vocals. As with the previous WARREL DANE solo tours, including the 15th anniversary tour celebrating Nevermore’s classic, “Dead Heart in a Dead World”, the line-up for the record will consist of Johnny Moraes (guitars), Thiago Oliveira (guitars), Fabio Carito (bass) and Marcus Dotta (drums), who all have been playing with the Dane since 2014. “Shadow Work” will be recorded during Autumn 2017 and is expected to be released in the first half of 2018 via CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS worldwide. #warreldane #centurymedia #nevermore #sanctuary
9/20/2017 Getting better is hard work. Had a hot soak after work. Gave myself a coconut oil massage. Made some hot tea. Lying in bed, reading, and listening to calming instrumental music. Today my yoga is just self love. #yogagirlchallenge #yogaeverydamnday @yoga_girl #bedroom #sanctuary #grateful
LIVE VEGAN.🌱👁💚 Read below👇👇👇Follow @theveganleo ! ・・・ One of my #favorite sanctuaries ❤🙌 As the movement continues 💛 Via vegnews: The Surf and Turf Animal Sanctuary now protects animals that were previously destined to be killed after ranch owners adopt a cruelty-free lifestyle. (Follow @thesurfandturfsanctuary) A former Larkspur, CO cattle ranch recently transformed into a vegan nonprofit called The Surf and Turf Animal Sanctuary. Owners Jen and Tray Federici operated the #ranch as a small but lucrative #business that raised cows to sell them for slaughter. As lifelong #animallovers, the couple came to a realization that they would eat meat only if they slaughtered the animal themselves, but were unable to cope with killing an older cow they had selected from their herd. “We officially had our last ham #Christmas 2016,” Jen Federici says. “We never looked back after that. We swore off all meat as well as all animal products. Needless to say, we have never felt better or more healthy, both mentally and physically.” Earlier this #summer, the couple turned their 100-acre ranch into a 501(c)3 #Nonprofit Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, and it is now home to a variety of animals, including longhorn #cows, calves, #pigs, #goats, #chickens, and zebras, along with other rescued animals. “We choose to go forward in our lives not as consumers of animals but as ambassadors for them,”🙌 Jen Federici says. “No animal wants to die, just as no human does. Animals are amazing soulful creatures. We believe every animal deserves the life [they were] given.” http://vegnews.com/articles/page.do?pageId=10110&catId=1 Check out @vegnews for awesome vegan finds #vegan #plantbased #sanctuary #animals #souls #life #rescue #change #evolution #colorado #muscle #protein #farmer #story #compassion #transform #smart #ham #burger