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I'M SEEING SAM NOVEMBER 15th AT STARS AND STRINGS I'M CRYING 😭🙌🏼💗 #samhunt #samhuntmusic #samlowryhunt #15ina30tour @samhuntmusic 📷: @thestevenalan
Sam hunt concert # Nashville #concerts #samhunt @dannoblake
I love these pictures. So many great memories from the #15ina30tour! 💛 #samlowryhunt #samhunt #15ina30tour #houseparty #samhuntnation
#samhunt always love this song
Amazing weekend in Nashville!! Cold beers, country music and football. What more can you ask for. #nashville #samhunt #titans #girlsweekend
We'll be rolling down the windows, I bet you we're catchin' our second wind. #samhunt
1) We are all human and fall off plan sometimes, but what leads to GROWTH is recognizing it, taking responsibility for it, and starting again! 2) Even coaches have these days/weeks 👋🏻 3) Every day is a chance to make a good choice for YOU!! 4) Life lessons come in many forms I was surprised by a weekend getaway this weekend that was out of this world. 😍 Mr Wonderful flew my very best friend to Nashville to spend the weekend with me and him and I had NO idea! I still will never be able to thank him enough. I had a moment of "but I'm leading a challenge group, need to stay ON PLAN, etc", "I haven't crossfit in a month (still healing) so I need to stay up on my home workouts, and then realized very quickly that I'm given a chance of a lifetime with priceless people and I'm going to soak up EVERY second. Did I stay on plan? No. Someone may have paid heavily for some gluten free nachos and a margarita 🤣 yikes! But I didn't go entirely crazy either, just some...😜. Did I workout every day? No, but we walked all over the place every day and danced and sweat and were able to catch up on a lot. THIS is why we take care of ourselves, so we can enjoy moments like these with those we love! If I was sick and miserable and too heavy to walk around in 90° heat it would not be fun. Life is so different now and I am SO thankful I spent the time with them ❤️❤️❤️ 💪🏻 Results: Scale was actually DOWN today, my body is back to normal, I did my workout, and I have memories I wouldn't trade for ANYTHING. This is about LIFE, and if I didn't make a choice to start over every day then I wouldn't have been able to share memories with my man and best friend like I did. Making good choices helped me to feel free to enjoy myself, wear cute dresses and feel comfortable in my skin. It all started for me 7+ years ago and it's not stopping. One day at a time. 💪🏻 . . . . #thisisalifestyle #notadiet #livelife #grateful #thankful #everydayisagift #tigerstripesearned #thankfulfortoday #bestfriendgoals #bestfriendmemories #mrwonderful #samhunt #nashvilleweekend #musiccity #countrygirl #countrygirldreams #dance #concertgoals #15ina30tour #healthyliving