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127.) Camden had a great day at school today! It has been a struggle in the past and we have been praying things would improve. 128.) Met Bryan for a lunch date ❤️️129.) It was homemade pizza night.... this is starting to be a new tradition on Friday nights! 130.) My sweet hubs went out to buy me Starbucks and Diet Coke while I was getting kids to bed. He knows the way to my heart ❤️️☕️131.) Breck loves to read books. It's the sweetest 📚132.) night time cuddles are the best 😍133.) it's the weekend! I'm looking forward to hanging with friends and family! #1000gifts #grateful #thankful #blessed #sahm #stayathomemom #lovemyboys #lovemyhusband #daydate #lunchdate #family #starbucks #coffee #dietcoke #iamaddicted #cuddles #sweetboy #booklover #happyfriday #itstheweekend #friyay
So... I'm going to toot my own horn for a moment because I'm having a rare I rocked this day. Got up at 1:45 am took hubby to his race; came home slept another hour; Did #mops for 5.5 hrs start to finish; adventures outside; 2 hr nap; more outside adventures; stripped all sheets/ washed/ put back on; scrubbed kitchen; ran dishwasher/ unloaded/ running again; cleaning dinner room & living; emptied/ cleaned both cars along with restocking them for tomorrow; recycling out; cleaned out frig & kitty litter; did all my online stuff for mom groups & small business; cut out all felt for a Honor project while catching up on #ouat; solved a work problem; and now am playing #splatoon2. If this doesn't prove I should always be a #sahm I don't know what else does. ❤️❤️
As I was sitting outside tonight enjoying the gorgeous sunset I started reflecting back 2 years ago and where I was, compared to where I’m at now. I had NO idea that there was such a supportive community out there, rooting and cheering you on to be your best self every single day. Man, what an IMPACT the coaching community has made on my life 💕 I’ve made some of my best friends, who I can count on for ANYTHING. They’ve helped me overcome my fears, given me invaluable training to grow as a leader, and have given me HOPE about the future and what it holds ✨ It would be so selfish of me to hold this opportunity in and not sharing it with my friends and family who I care about. Because I genuinely CARE about your well being and future 💓 I’m hosting a little “What is coaching?” Event next Thursday and I want to invite YOU to come and see what all the hype is about! No pressure, free prizes, and you can get a feel for what I’m talking about and see if it would be a good fit for you! Just let me know if you’d like some more info about this opportunity that has changed my life 🙌🏻 #wahm #sahm #happiness #wellness #transformation #opportunity #changeyourlife #utahmom #sunset #utahsunset
The new Glam Doll is in and it’s beautiful! What do you guys think? 😍😍😍 #glamdolllipsense #lipsense #lipstick
Fun character bibs!
Cheers to the Weekend!🎉 I have 5🖐work from home positions to fill this weekend!! Hiring incentives includes but not limited to... 🛍️$100 Shopping Spree 🚘Brand new Jeep Entry 💰$10,000 Christmas Bonus 💵💵 Unlimited income 5 spots left!!
I love big loose curls! I always love that all Monat products have built in heat protectant, so I can use my wand all the time & still get a smooth healthy look! & of course, I always have to have a BOLD lip. 💜💋
How cute will these four little friends be in these matching GWM Harems?! These are all the same size but show how they can grow with your child.
Someone wasn't feeling the photo shoot today...or the bow. Sassy as ever, FAST when she moves, talking steps, knows basic sign language, says mama-dada-papa(potty), uses the "potty" daily, has 7 teeth, loves being outside and in the water and really enjoys food! Where did the last ten months go?! Slow down my lil Lo!
“These fools put my cape on backwards” 😆 thank you Aunt Des for her new bib 😍😍 #AureliaElaine #matchymatchy #mygirl #thecutest #sahm
One of our favorite fall dinners! . Chop beet, carrot, sweet potato, onion. Toss with olive oil , salt & pepper. . Roast at 350F for 30-45 minutes until fork tender. . Place a handful of spinach and 3/4 cup of any protein you like (we used lentils tonight) in a bowl. . Top with veggies and your favorite dressing. . Enjoy!
Are you someone who wears collared shirts? Do you hate to wash your neck (or your shirts). Here’s the product for you. Do you wear or have to clean white collar shirts? After a short period of time, do you end up with the grey stain around the neck and cuff? We are all familiar with the infamous ring-around-the-collar. Let’s face it, replacing a white shirt due to staining around the neck and cuff is not very cost effective. Spraying and scrubbing each shirt collar can take hours and your local cleaners can’t even remove the stain! That worry is now over! Introducing: savA Collar. SavA Collar is a sticky fabric that is used on the collar and cuff of your white shirt preventing you from getting that pesky ring-around-the-collar. It’s easy! Just peel, stick, and remove once you want to wash the shirt! If you are in the business of wearing, selling or cleaning white collar shirts, then savA Collar is for YOU! #savacollar #socialentrepreneur #millenforward sold by pairs (collar and cuff savA Collar) wholesale pricing available Check out http://etsy.me/2gLpfVR #savAcollar #nomoredirt #collarprotector #nomorestain #white #purewhite #costeffective #dappermen #dapperstyle #dapperman #classicman #gentlemen #gqstyle #sahd #dapperday #stayathomemom #dapper #classicphysique #bham #birmingham #buybham #savacollar #sahm #housewife #fashion #fashionpreneurs #socialentrepreneur #socialenterprise
Something huge happened today. I cannot remember a time when I last bought clothes that were not plus size or from a specialty store like #additionelle or #torrid. But today, I got two shirts that weren’t plus size, and from a store I never set foot into because there is no way I’d fit into their stuff, that always runs smaller. Today was a huge wake up call. While my clothes are falling off, when I look in the mirror I don’t feel any smaller. I still see the old me staring back. It’s crazy how it’s hard to let go of the old me, and actually see the new me. But today, simply by my mama buying me two shirts, I was able to actually SEE the changes in my body. I am so thankful for these programs. For their simplicity and effectiveness. #ilovebeachbody #nonscalevictory
Don't forget to enter our Launch Giveaway!⠀ .⠀ Up for grabs is an awesome initial infants tee and a 'Kid, you're gonna be great.' A4 print. 👌🏼⠀ .⠀ Head on over to the original post to enter. ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #artprints #customclothing #handdrawn #handmade #madebymum #nzmade #buylocal #wahm #sahm #bossmama #empowering #missmightyco⠀ .⠀ #motherhoodrising #childrenoftheworld #parenthood_moments #treasuringlittlemoments #instamum #hibiscuscoast #millwater #auckland #nz #kmlnz #kiwimamapost
family dinner night ... and then tried to get a pic of all the kids. negative ghost rider. negative. #familyfirst #familydinner #redrobin #yummmm #cousins
I ❤️ this kid so much! Repost from @ziggytosh using @RepostRegramApp - At my house we sweep the yard y'all Jameson is the best helper in all the land 😁😂🤗 #iworkforboobies #toddlersofinstagram #toddler #toddlerlife #jameson #love #15months #yardwork #sahm #sahmlife #boymom #boymomlife