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The only point to looking back Is it to see how far we’ve come 🎶 @dawestheband Gotta give a shoutout to this humble babe @malgosia92 because I am in complete love with my new hoop baby by @highhoopsstudio of course 💙😽💕
The Moon 🌑 New opportunity to #PracticeSelfCare 🙏❤️ We love seeing each week how the people of the #BlueRidgeNation focus on Self Care in order to live yall's best lives!!! As we head into the new year soon we will be rolling out a new way for all to share with us how your practice self care so stay tuned for more info!! 🙏❤️ 🙌🙌 This week we are stoked about the prize choices and y'all have VOTED! • 💜This week we will choose 3 winners to receive our ROLL-ON ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND BUNDLE plus our #SelfCareEveryday Tank, Tee, or Hoodie 💜 • You have until tomorrow evening when we livestream to enter!!!! (We live stream on Monday around 11pm EST) ✨✨✨ All you have to do to enter is make a post SHARING HOW YOU PRACTICE SELF CARE and use the hashtag #BRHSELFCARESUNDAY36 (DONT FORGET THE 36!!) as an 💥ADDED BONUS💥 TAG A FRIEND IN THIS POST AND WE WILL RANDOMLY CHOOSE ONE PERSON AND THE FRIEND THEY TAG TO RECEIVE THE #SELFCAREEVERYDAY TANK OR TEE!!! Feel free to tag as many people as you'd like for more chances to win!!!! ✨✨✨ Tag us and mention us in the post so we can see it and make sure your profile is public so we can see it when we pull up the hashtag to pick the winners! 💜❤️💜❤️💜 📸Photo Cred: @joe_lizzzzzz_yoga . . . #inspiredbynature #guidedbyscience #empoweredbywellness #extracts #empowerment #essentialoils #entourageeffect #skincare #selfawareness #selfcare #sacredcircle #sacredplant #madewithlove #naturalhealing #naturalmedicine #plantbased #plantmedicine #loveislouder #bethechange #loveyourbody #blueridgehemp #blueridgenation #cbdyoga
Silent flow in the La Sal Mountains #utah #moab .. #likeamountaingirl
Every talent takes practice, practice, practice!! It doesn't happen over night, you must take the time to dedicate yourself to the craft.. after you do, magic will flow 😎🙌🏻 . . . #Repost @misshoopdidoo ( @get_repost) ・・・ Failure is a scary word...the word itself has so many negative emotional connotations: anger, disappointment, anxiety, frustration. Throughout my life, I've feared failure so much that I've sabotaged my success. "I'm not good enough." "I don't have the resources to make that happen." "I don't like x, y, and z about myself, so I'm not even going to bother trying." When I take a step back and think about all the ways I could fail - whether it's dropping my hoop during a performance or missing the mark on an important project - I realize none of them are truly fatal. I can even speculate that most of these failures often go unnoticed by the audience - real or imagined - and I've only failed because of my own perspective on myself and my work. If we forget about how scary failure can seem, we can use it as a powerful tool. Failure is your map: showing you where you may have miscalculated your efforts, highlighting the danger zones and providing new pathways to success - whatever that means to you. Success follows failure not perfection. It's not often our vision comes to life after a single magical attempt. Instead, that sense of accomplishment is the result of trial and error, recognizing our mistakes and recalculating the route we use to achieve our goals. Forget perfection, that's limiting. Try your best, but know in your heart that it's okay to fail. You can fail a million times and everything will still be okay. Drop the hoop. Color outside the lines. Speak your mind even if you might say the "wrong" thing. The only true failure is never choosing to begin. 💞 Hoops by @conscious.circles ❤️
So this is a WAAAYYY overdue #stopdropandspin that i owe @empathyspirit sorry girl! Never been tagged before so it was an honor! Felt a spark today. i havent been inspired or motivated to even pick up a hoop in quite a while to express or even just to flow. This felt nice, along with one of my top songs as of late. On top of that, my phone has been disconnected so i havent been on social media much at all. So heres my #stopdropandspin and i will pass it on to @natureau_ @flows_of_a_virgo and @_galaxydreamer__ 😘
Los mejores críticos de #arte pueden venir de cualquier lugar!! Batik nos dice que este #mandala #creando universos le recuerda un plato de croquetas. The best critics of #art can come from anywhere! Batik here tells us that this mandala #creating universes reminds her of a plate of croquettes. Fotografía por/Photography by @CasaMacul Obra en #venta "Sueños Circulares"/Art piece #ForSale in #Kichink, mírala a color/Full #colours here: https://www.kichink.com/buy/1179015/mandalasni/suenos-circulares-pieza-original #sacredcircle #envios #espiritualidad #energia #pazinterior #artista #decoracion #onlineshoping #mandalasni #ventasporinternet #gato #miau #catlove #mandalalove #hechoenmexico #Mexico #Mejico #artshipping
How we wish we could have breakfast like this every morning. Healthy! Wholefoods! Nourishing! Ayurvedic! Delicious! Nutritious! We can't wait for Sunday where Ayurvedic chef Jags from @pomegrante_events will be putting on a mighty fine spread for our lovely 'Divine Feminine' ladies. The morning will be in two sessions, stopping mid way for a delicious nourishing breakfast. Held in the most beautiful location, St Kilda Life Saving Club, overlooking the beach. ~~~~~~ The morning will include: - beach meditation and chanting - yoga and energy practises around the goddesses - delicious, nourishing breakfast and teas - meditations on the feminine - crystal bowls and sound healing - sharing circles and sacred space ~~~~~~ When: Sunday 26 November Time: 6:45am-10:30am Where: Up! Athletic - St Kilda Life Saving Club 34 Jacka Blvd, St Kilda, Melbourne VIC Monergy Exchange: $90 BOOK NOW: link in bio^
What a magical weekend at the #hansehoop in Bremen! So many inspirational people and even more new tricks to work on. Pure Bliss. Also giving my first workshop was a great experience. ✨ @bunnknees Thank you so much for letting me play with your #phoenixhoop and for everything else. 💕Starting a #stopdropandspin and pass it on to some wonderful Hoopers I've met there: @lilli_hoop @_fireartist and @alicedinwonderlaand 🙋 #ledhoops #phoenixhoop #hoopdance #hoopflow #hooplah #hooplovers #unityofthehulahoopers #hoopersofinstagram #sacredcircle #practiceisprogress #girlswhohoop #hoopeverydamnday #movementmeditation #flowarts
💕😍✨I love @flowingsunflower flow so much! Catch our free shipping & use her code FLOWINGSUNFLOWER to save ✨💰✨ at checkout! 24-38 hour processing time! #hooplove #treatyoself #idreamofhoops #hoopfam #hoopdreams
Day Eight (11-19-17) of #gwminislove is another free flow / catch up day 🌺 Remember to tag #gwminislove in all of your posts to participate!! 💖 Hosts: @greywind @humboldt.hooper @elfpuddles 💙 #stopdropandspin for @hooping_alien and @plur.yogi.flow 💕 Passing to @fl0wlita and @joyfulhooping 😘 . Hoop by the amazing @nextdayhoops 🌸🌸 Use my code ELFPUDDLES10 to save at checkout ❤️💜 . Song: In Chains - Shaman’s Harvest
Repurposed Hula Hoops 🌈 . . Should I add these to our Etsy shop?🤷🏽‍♀️
I like the transition from two hands to one with double hoops here and the smooth transition to one hoop always trying to sneak in some double practice during my regular sessions, I get so frustrated that things don’t come easily but it’s worth the headache . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #hooplove #hoopcommunity #gratefulhoopers #flow #meditativemovement #hoopdance #hoopjoy #hooplah #flowstagram #sacredcircle #infinitecircles #hoopgirl #hoopersofinstagram #flowarts #hoopersofig #girlswhohoop #unityofthehulahoopers #perpetualflow #hulahooper #hulahoop #flowartstv #hoopdance #flowmiesofearth #performanceart
So grateful I was chosen as a winner for the #HCHTRICKORTREAT challenge how cute are these wax stars and let me tell you they smell heavenly too! I almost hate to use em but I have been really wanting to try so they couldn’t be more perfect at a perfect time thank you SO much @hoopocalypse and just a side note to all my flowmies it’s still not too late to join their giveaway #hch666giveaway not gonna lie that unicorn flesh is to die for #yesplease hurry while you still have a chance cause it’s super duper easy, just peep their latest post 😉