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The Pink Elephant Antique Mall has more Route 66 roadside attractions than you can shake a stick at! This Paul Bunyon Muffler Man is just one of a few giants on site. With @lularoeheatherfellows
What can I say? I love beautiful brick train stations with clock towers. And Springfield Illinois Union Station doesn't disappoint!
Brick Route 66!
The Abraham Lincoln Memorial Museum next to the presidential library in Springfield IL is absolutely superb!
@lularoeheatherfellows and I had corndogs were they were born - the Cozy Dog Drive In, Springfield IL.
My favorite small town in Illinois. Atlanta has a great downtown with beautiful brick buildings, wall murals, museums, library, park, and more. With @lularoeheatherfellows and @sweet12surrender and her husband.
Atlanta, Illinois is a great small town along old Route 66. It has several roadside attractions such as this giant Paul Bunyon statue with a hot dog. Or, as my wife @lularoeheatherfellows calls it, Paul Bunyon and his baby hot dog (because it looks like he's cradling it like a baby.) 😁
Giant sized Lincoln on the railsplitter - the world's largest covered wagon. Lincoln's city hall has a phone booth on the roof! With @lularoeheatherfellows
Near Towanda, IL Route 66 used to be a 4-lane divided highway. But after the interstate was bilt directly along its path, that many lanes were not needed. So they abandoned two of the lanes. These days part of this abandoned route has been developed as a linear park for ped and peddle users to enjoy. An excellent example of adaptive reuse. With @lularoeheatherfellows and @sweet12surrender and her husband.
Pontiac, Illinois is home to the Illinois Route 66 Hall of Fame and Museum. We got there over an hour before they were supposed close. However there was a note on the door saying they closed early. This was a continuous theme along Route 66. Checking hours open listings online doesn't mess with the slower pace world of Route 66. We went with the flow. We were enjoying our journey. We were not focused on destinations.
On our Route 66 road trip we saw a beautiful, joyful wedding ceremony end at Odell's Saint Paul's Church while we checked out the entrance to the 1937 pedestrian tunnel under Route 66, known as the "subway". It's mostly filled with concrete now. Odell also offered us Route 66 era Standard Oil Station and Wishing Well Cafe to check out. With @lularoeheatherfellows and @sweet12surrender and her husband.
We had lunch at the Old Route 66 Family Dinner and then enjoyed seeing Dwight's wonderfully cared for Ambler's Texaco Station - which is now their visitor center. Great, nice people running it. We enjoyed a good chat with the owner of this baby blue beauty. With @lularoeheatherfellows and @sweet12surrender and her husband.
The Gemini Giant is one of several old muffler man giants along Route 66 - especially in Illinois. While we stopped, there were also several other people with #classiccars who also stopped. There's a real feeling of shared experience and instant friendliness when you meet other people who are also enjoying the Route. The don't-talk-to-strangers barrier is broken. These strangers are like me, I feel. they sought the Route like I did. Conversations are easy to start. With @lularoeheatherfellows, @sweet12surrender and her husband.
Look where the Route 66 Sodas van was spotted! #geminigiant #route66sodas #route66icon
First breakfasts at the cafe after several months of restoration. #cafe #diner #route66icon