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My Riverdale Philippine version. I love the show Riverdale 😍👍🏻 -Enrique Gil as Archie -Julia Montes as Veronica -Kathryn Bernardo as Betty -James Reid as Jughead -Chie Filomeno as Cheryl -Albie Casiño as Reggie #riverdale #riverdalecw #kjapa #enriquegil #juliamontes #camilamendes #kathrynbernardo #jamesreid #chiefilomeno #albiecasino #albiecasiño #colesprouse #rossbutler #lilireinhart #madelainepetsch @thecwriverdale #julquen #kathreid
2000?!!! WHAATT. this account grew like crazy. thank you for putting up with me♥♥. In honour of two thousand, here's a picture of me and my friend at Betty's house. Since I don't wanna be exposed, you can't see our faces lol. Once we reach three thousand, you'll get a picture of me at pop's! perhaps one day you will know my true identity. but for now ta-ta!
🍃 uuuuu damn yessss 😻😻
-- ❄ | ˢ ᶜ ᵉ ᶰ ᵉ | - [ ᵉ ᵖ ᶦ ˢ ᵒ ᵈ ᵉ — ᵗ ᵃ ᵖ ᵉ ⁴ ˢ ᶦ ᵈ ᵉ ª ] - Oh he is so cute 💓 - What do you think of Zach? - Fc: 4486 - Tags: { #katherinelangford #hannahbaker #zachdemsy #rossbutler #13reasonswhy #selenagomez #netflix }
tbh they're both great in their own way so idk ↳ i also have a riverdale acct [ @riverdalesx] so check it out if you would like 💫
🍃 daammn 😍
// Hi guys check out my another account @riverfession u should dm me some confessions❤
// Agree or disagree?❤
Good Morning! 💖
‪[ 1.02 → tape 1 side B ] [ 7,831 ]‬ ‪-‬ ‪Ryan or Courtney??‬ ‪-‬ ‪HAD TO REPOST THIS EDIT SO U CAN WATCH THIS ICONIC SCENE ONCE AGAIN. you . are . welcome . gn 🙏🏼THANK YOU SO MUCH IDK HOW I HABE 7.8K LIKE YOU GUYS ARE PERFECT I CANT 😭😭😭💜😩‬
bit more cheryl aesthetic for the last post of the evening. i'm going to bed now, my vixens, see you all in the morning -HBIC 💋
i love this bc it's the BLOSSOMS who don't know their flowers which is beautifully ironic.
i've had this photo since march and it's so much funnier now after the finale
it's them red headed bitches man. (says the red headed bitch that is me)
good ol cheryl aesthetic
wow it's so unfortunate that RHS lost two ginger quarterbacks back to back during the first quarter of school. just tragic.
okay let's post some more than just jughead so i can prove i watch the show for more than cole sprouse
riverdale has caused me to develop an unhealthy love for milkshakes
who in your friend group would say this?
some of my favorite art of juggie
if i made riverdale inspired playlists would anyone be interested in hearing them?
i think the aesthetic images are self explanatory enough but if not feel free to ask what character something applies to!!
i already fucked up and had to delete a post yo
so the theme of this is essentially aesthetic, text, cast/screen cap, text, back to aesthetic
a bit of classic jughead to get the ball rolling
i just deleted every single post from this account bc i really needed to restart the theme so here goes
Follow @13reqsonwhy for more!🤗 • Para español 👉🏼✨ oh and i would be 47 🙃
Smh lili you ain't no daddy ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° y'all already know who the real daddy is @partickstar , nice try tho @lilireinhart #riverdale #colesprouse
This scene was intense
half the cast of 13 Reasons Why with @meganamrinyc last night — comment "💙" to be tagged in the next post fc; 197
I feel like I don't post often enough on here// I feel like I should be posting like 4 times a day😂
more pictures of @flynnagin11 and @alishaboe with fans last night at the Roxy Theatre — follow ( @brandonupdates) for more updates 💕
"13 Reasons Why Season 2: Trump" By: @theleddyb [this was post on the New Yorker website. I have seen and read the article yesterday (not d whole article) and @jayasher13 and @micheleseleneang liked it on twitter. They made a 7 tapes of it related to the political issues of President Trump. I don't want or like to post it bc u might hate me for posting it besides to the fact that it is really funny bc we shouldn't have to make fun or joke of our President which we voted to stand us our leader. If u want to stand upon ur rights. Do it right. Comment If u really want me to post it. Like if u don't want to. #trump #politics #usa #government #whitehouse
this isn't healthy for my heart cr: @lydiasdemons
Agree or disagree? — it does teach you that but I can see why people wouldn't feel comfortable watching it
hope you're all having a great memorial weekend. don't mind me blessing your feed with these 2 😍
who is she😩😩💦💦
AWFUL// he actually said that he loves LA😹
Comment your fav character from any fandom- - mine are these three ladies PROTECT THEM AT ALL COST-
and suddenly i want to go to jail
• LAURIE YOUR EYES ARE 😍😍 @lauriehernandez_
"any time someone's like ragging on him or kind of like making fun of him, he looks at you really seriously and he goes 'i'll kill you'" –piper's impression of ross KEEP THIS FRIENDSHIP ALIVE!!! ❤️❤️❤️ . . . #rossbutler #rossflemingbutler #pipercurda #piperjoycurda #spencerwatkins #alyssa #spenlyssa #teenbeach2 #zachdempsey #thirteenreasonswhy #13reasonswhy #reggiemantle #riverdale #brettwillis #kcundercover #jasminekang #ididntdoit #kathykan #livandmaddie #faves #praisintheasian #love #mymans #loml #loveofmylife
okay listen. i know that everyone who follows me is a ross stan but can y'all support and check out this beauty's blog?? it's worth i promise (piperjoycurda.com) @pippiphooray1 i'm proud of you. you're gonna make a difference in this world . . . #pipercurda #piperjoycurda #alyssa #teenbeach2 #jasminekang #ididntdoit #kathykan #livandmaddid #rossbutler #spencerwatkins #spenlyssa #love #faves #praisintheasian . . #rossflemingbutler #zachdempsey #thirteenreasonswhy #13reasonswhy #reggiemantle #riverdale #brettwillis #kcundercover
❦ [ tape 3 x side B ] - this scene makes me so mad and aggressive. I hate Marcus so much ugh. And i don't understand why no one in the dinner tried to help Hannah? Like, there were many people and not one person could go to Marcus and be like "hey move your ass out of this dinner or i'll call the cops." - [q] thoughts on Marcus/this scene?
Agree or disagree? — agree that it caused a lot of guilt but what they'd done needed to be revealed, especially Bryce.
I'm realizing so many things I've missed while watching 13rw the first time... • What grade are you guys in/going to be in, at school? • I'm going to be a junior in High school /11th grade/ my 11th year • • #13reasonswhy #hannahandjeffarealive #jessicadavis #tonypadilla #clayjensen #zachdempsey #sheriholland #jeffatkins #jeffatkinsdeservedbetter #Hannahbaker #tylerdown #alexstandall #katherinelangford #dylanminnette #christainlouboutin #brandonflynn #rossbutler
(may, 26) @dylanminnette performing with @wallowsmusic on @theroxy in LA. Much of the # 13ReasonsWhy cast came on the show to support Dylan. 😍 I really love this
zach dempsey wasn't actually that bad of a guy but what he did to hannah was immature and stupid. BUT IM EXCITED TO SEE HIM IN SEASON TWO!! -ayat - #thirteenreasonswhy #13reasonswhy #zachdempsey #rossbutler