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[1.03] - Eww I hate Chuck but I can't wait for more of him in season 2!😂 - OMG IT IS ONLY 19 DAYS LEFT UNTIL SEASON 2 THIS IS TOO MUCH TO HANDLE I CAN'T WAITTTTTT.!! - Tags: #riverdale #veronica #veronicalodge #camilamendes #camimendes #reggiemantle #rossbutler #charlesmelton #archie #archieandrews #kjapa #kevinkeller #caseycott #moosemason #chuckclayton
// Q: what are the best and worst things about youtube to you? — I can’t remember if I mentioned this but the IOS 11 update is amazing loads of people are saying they hate it but i think it’s great
1.10 I loved this episode! Do you goes like Lili or Jughead better?💕 I can't choose!☺️
New still from Cheryl in season 2
[1x11] i was dying bc of Clay's cuteness in this scene ajjiqko --- Q- Do you like going to house parties/ have you been to one?
[1x12] im super super excited for fall and winterrr ah --- Q- Do you like Courtney?