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Manhattan in Warsaw 🏙❄️
A bit cloudy and grey in Paris today but the cityscape is still beautiful.
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Start your festive week with Mediterranean Sangria Bowl #nowherebkk #iamatnowhere #nowayitschristmas
I'm currently turning the laundry room into a guest room. In my house. In the heart of Los Angeles. On average, I "work" 20 hours a week. I've gotten to host over a dozen people from out of town. I have a pickup truck AND a car. I hosted a brunch this morning and cooked for everyone using only food that I already had in the fridge. Emily my roommate left yesterday morning and I've already received two "I miss you texts." I have an AMAZING therapist & psychiatrist both covered by my therapist. My role model- one of the most respected authors and public speakers alive prays for me and answers my calls. 4 of my best friends live within 30 min of my house. I could go on and on. . One year ago today, my eyes were swollen shut from weeping. I was absolutely broken, stuck, lost. I had stopped believing, dreaming, and I was absolutely unthankful. A lot can change in a year. One step at a time. Real talk, one step leads to another and then you pause to look back and realize you're walking on thin air, doing what you once thought was impossible. 📷: @ipadarath
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I got bipolar confidence
Wake up like "shit" then I feel like the shit
So I guess I'm the shit
Yeah, guess I'm the shit 🎤Matt Champion #capture #capturemn #capturempls #captureminneapolis #mngrown #igusa #rooftopviews #rooftopview #citylife #nikonphotography #nikonlife #nikond5600 #vscogram #blessed
me: a cheap grandma who steals Kelly’s (21st BDAY!) drink bc i won’t buy my own but still want one in the pic🍹
Photo 351/365
As the year comes to an end, I cannot help but reflect. There were definitely rough patches but God saw me through each and every one of them. Nonetheless, 2017 was filled with so many wonderful memories that I wouldn’t trade for anything! With that said, it is time to recalibrate and set my goals for 2018. I am beyond excited to see what it brings. Whatever it is, it is going to be wonderful! With God by my side I stand fearless and joyful in anticipation. Romans 8:31 📷: @crown.me.noble #godisgoodallthetime #rooftopview
🦇 NYC w/ @laurie_ferraro