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We've got ourselves a little rockstar! 🤘🏼🤘🏼❤️ #20weekspregnant #20weeksultrasound #januarybaby #babygirl #rockitout
The convenience of online workouts means I can Rock It Out with my folks during lunch!
🖤🎧• Work it harder • Make it better • Do it faster • Makes us stronger • #harderbetterfasterstronger #daftpunk #frenchtouch #rockitout #runningonthebeach #sport4life #running #beachlife #thinkingoutloud #dreamingbig
Jeremie came in with long wavy hair and ended up with a red mohawk! #mohawk #joicocolorintensityred #rockitout
You have one life so you might it as well live it to the fullest. But what does that mean, living life to the fullest? It means doing what you really want to do and being who you really want to be. It means being you and doing you – all the way. I am extremely committed to living life my way, becoming the best version of myself and contributing meaningfully so that I can look back on my life one day and go: “yep, my life has been worth living and I have made a real difference in this world.” I can only make a difference in this world if I do what I desire and if I become who I really am. Very often though we are and do the opposite. This creates misalignment. Misalignment causes pain. Pain can manifest itself in many ways: depression, addiction, obesity, physical ailments, anxiety – just to name a few. The latter held me hostage for seven long years, but by getting into alignment with myself and my true desire of moving to Florence, Italy I’ve been able to cure myself from anxiety disorder. Pretty powerful and that’s also why I am a massive advocate for doing what you desire – not just for your own personal satisfaction, but for your physical and mental health’s sake. Because all these conditions can cause serious lack of self-worth, self-sabotage, self-hatred and even suicide. So in order to live to the fullest you need to dare be and do to the fullest. .. But do you dare to DO YOU? Let me know what that looks like for you in the comments! Love & courage, Sophie Charlotte 💖 P.S. If you'd love to develop the spirit to truly DO YOU then join next month’s theme in my fab group programme Rock Your Own World. We’ll explore what it is you REALLY want, what is holding you back, how to overcome those blocks and how to just frikkin’ go for your dreams and finally DO YOU. It’s € 50 for the month. Join now, your future self will be thankful for it. Send me a message and we'll set it up! 💃 Photo: @christinejuette
Happy Wednesday People 💚💚💚 Everyday is a good day to rock it out!! Stand tall, smile and dance whenever you can! ✨✨✨ Be yourself amd OWN IT!! #BOSSBabe #BOOM #HealthyANDHappy #hustle #smile #beyourself #nomore9to5 #OwnIt #rockitout
Day 9... #100daysofmusic 🤘🏼When all else fails, give 'em the Death Punch.. 👊🏼 . . #5fdp #fivefingerdeathpunch #thebleeding #songlyrics #music #rockmusic #heavyshit #screamo #growl #rockitout #rockchick #musicislife