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Here are some professional pictures from today! I sure cannot be upset about today when this is what I accomplished! #46andfit #rockingthered #npcbikinicompetitor. So many people to thank! @the_bc_carlisle for being my biggest cheerleader! @maddieshea5 for being my dedicated gym partner @chief_carlisle @blake_carlisle1 for not being to mad when I don't ever make dinner because I was in prep! @lauren_fit for literally being the BEST coach I could ever dream of having! @kacyaclark for making my posing routine and posing in POINT! @quarterturnright for the most GORGOUS suit once again! And last but not least to all the peeps at lifetime and Los campeones and friends that send me so many supportive, complimentary messages and words along the way through this journey! XOXO #teamhexx #bfpcommunity
Oh my gosh, look 👀 at that speck on the ground...whoa.
Got to love it when there is an array of wigs in your office and your boss loves to play dress up 🤗 #redhairdontcare #newlook #wig #rockingthered
Double vision?!? Nope that's just @jackieozone and I winding up twinning AGAIN... 🤔 Guess we are RED-y to tackle Monday!! #mondaymotivation #RockingTheRed
Smiling 'cause I just ate some tacos 🌮