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Casa De Hospital 🤕 thank you friend and family for your support. I'll be back to my old ways shortly💪👍 #family #happy #life #love #friends #roadtorecovery
The best part of having surgery so far is having my favourite @lp00053 come down to keep me company 😘 #brunch #roadtorecovery #longdistancesucks #longdistancerelationship #melbourne #spring #saturday
Early mornings with my girl. Yesterday was rough - wouldn't nurse, got her chest tubes out, spiked a fever, was quite delirious and completely inconsolable for hours. But we got it under control and believe her little body had an acute case of being overwhelmed. She slept all night long and now we're looking forward to a much less eventful day. #roadtorecovery #openheartsurgery #hiccup #t21 #maeveaudrin
Let's get back at it..3 weeks put due to shoulder ache and mild flu.. #roadtorecovery #nrc #nikerunning #nikeplus #backontrack
Well the day has finally arrived. I am heading to uni for my fourth and final year of uni. Few months ago this would not have been considered an option ... but with the right support from close friends and family and staff on the medical ward and day service it had been possible. I didnt realise how ill i was and was very much in denial. If it wasnt noiced when it was I definately would not be where i am today. Anorexia is a horrible illness which makes you think you are not ill. Although I am no where near recovered and would have liked to have been in a better position to be going to uni I feel I am making the right decision. I feel it will give me the kick up he backside I need to motivate my recovery. But got to be really realistic where it could go the opposite way where it could become to much and an environment where anorexia can thrive. But I will never know unless I try. Recovery is worth it... I am starting to slowly but surely get my life back. Who wants to spent there life stuck in a hospital bed not living life to the max and adhering to anorexia when we can do such amazing things that life has to offer! If no one has told you today yesterday or this week you are worth it. You are now than this horrible illness and there is live beyond it! We are warriors we need to put on our armour pick up our sword and fight 🥊 We can only do so little on our own but so much together. So let's keep fighting and be there for each other 💕 #anorexia #anorexiarecovery #eatingdisorder #eatingdisorderrecovery #prorecovery #roadtorecovery #nourishtoflourish #prorecovery #edrecovery #recoveryisworthit #eattolive #weightgainiscool #screwthescales #ed #edcommunity #recoverywarrior #recoveryishard #thereismoretolifethaned
"No existe nada malo en nuestros hogares y país que un poco más de compasión, cuidado y amor no puedan curar. Somos todos hermanos y hermanas y debemos ayudarnos mutuamente cuando es necesario." — Roberto Clemente | Seguimos levantándonos y ayudándonos 🙌🏻🇵🇷🙏🏻💪🏻 #RobertoClemente #21 #Legend #RoadToRecovery #PrayForPuertoRico #PuertoRico #PuertoRicoGram #WhateverPuertoRico #HurricaneMaria
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Week 3 into my routine back from the disc and further complications that arose from the long lay off #TightQL #TightGlutes #Sciatica #Pelvicshift #SIpain #Backspasms FINALLY went back to front squats and trap bar deadlifts. Don't think I'll #backsquat again. My back does not react well even with just a bar. Second part of session... Tri set 4 rounds 4a Front squat x8reps 4b Romanian Deadlift x8reps 4c Trap Bar Deadlifts x8reps #trainingwhileinjured #trainingwithinjuries #roadtorecovery #bodyweight #bodyweighttraining #trainharder #barwork #bartraining #backroutine #backpain #backday #pullups #weightedpullups #gym #dailymotivation
We've all been there, strained or sprained a muscle, ligament or tendon or something maybe slightly more sinister, but there are some things you can do to help maintain your shape or at least prevent a surge in weight gain. 1. go seek professional help. Get an appointment with a physio, sports massage therapist, oesteopath... whoever you think will be able to help advise you on your injury and recovery rate. The more information you have, the better equipped you are at recovering and preventing it from happening again. 2. to what extent are you injured? If you have hurt your arm, can you still use leg machines such as the leg extension, leg curl etc? And vice versa, have you hurt your leg and can you still use machines such as chest press, lat pulldown, shoulder press etc. 3. watch what you eat. If your energy expenditure has dropped due to not training as much then you need to keep your diet in check. 4. if your injury allows you to, try and do more cardio to keep energy expenditure high. There are some cardio machines, such as technogym Top XT, which is a cardio machine for the upper body if you cannot go for a walk. 5. get to know your body and find what exercises you can do, I put a disc out in 2014 and I know which exercises I can do and can't, for example, the 45 degree leg press machine. I think the pressure placed on my back from the weight coming down on top of me annoys my discs. So I don't do it. Finding exercises you can do will help keep you motivated. 6. DO AS YOUR GP, PHYSIO ETC TELLS YOU. I don't know how many times I've seen friends or team mates come back sooner then what the physio has instructed and then they go back to square one. Take the rest, go back and reduce the intensity if you haven't trained for a while and break yourself in gently. You don't want to injury yourself again or even worse then before. If any of this information helps you, click the ❤ and let me know