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I have seen the world's largest buffalo. Now I can leave North Dakota knowing that. Gonna explore Fargo tomorrow, don'tcha know, now!
Riding today has been a combination of endless 20 mph crosswinds and flat North Dakota farmland. And it's times like this that if you're in a car you can phone someone for a chat, or find that song that's stuck I your head, or listen to a talk show or something. But riding a motorcycle your mind starts to wander. And wonder. Questions like: if your family owned an RV park and you had to work there, how many hours of practice would it take to be able to expertly ride a unicycle? What would they have called Salt Lake City if the lakes were all fresh water? What are the guys from Milli Vanilli up to these days? Was the person who invented the spork really creative or just really lazy? How far north in America can monkeys live year round in the wild? How come they don't put slices mango on pizza? Why isn't there a Shazam app for figuring out what actor you're looking at on TV? Ok. You can now return to your regularly scheduled Instagram feed of faces, places, and trees.
Chrome and riding East in late afternoon go together like macaroni and Ranch salad dressing. #gogogadgettape
Sleepin' with the fishes! I saw signs along the highway for "The Enchanted Highway" so I figured I'd check it out. It's a bit of a detour off the main way but it was worth it. Sometimes you see a 60 foot grasshopper and sometimes the 60 foot grasshopper sees you. Swipe left for more pics! (La Mia Maria for scale)
Stopped to ride around Roosevelt National Park since I'd bought a year pass at Devils Tower. Each park is about $20 for motorcycles so I've more than made up for the Initial cost. That buffalo was getting a little cheeky because it shook it's head at me as I slowed down for the pic!
I don't even know where to begin with this post... I've poured a lot of money into this this thing so far. I've made sacrifices to do so. I a life of debt and gratitude to all my boys for the help, time, effort, the hustling and grinding that my boys have put into finding me the best deals on parts... There have been a lot road trips made to get the parts. Parts have been given to me, etc... I especially need to thank Joseph Ayala for even getting it this far. My homie took complete control of this build, but let me bitch about how I wanted things the whole way. I can't thank him enough. I also need to thank Dan Asher, Ryan Welch, Ethan Stiles, Randy Hyatt, Chad Hyatt, Steve Shubert, MikeSuggit, katrea Quick, and anyone else that had anything to do with the build. Whether you gave me advice, sold me parts, took a road trip with me, loaned me tools or parts, loaned me a trailer, or even bought me a trailer when my jeep blew up... You all made this happen and I love you for it. Thank you all so much. With all of that said, my baby is on her way home. #bigwheelbagger #harley #harleyporn #harleycustom #harleydavidson #dirty30 #bagger #baggerlife #baggerporn #baggerbuild #baggernation #roadking #roadkingsonly
North Dakota is very polite. I have a pull a spot for people taking pictures by the sign! I'm going to go through another national Park here that Lannie suggested, and I want to get a picture of my bike next to a buffalo. Those are my goals!
While looking at a map at the last rest area before leaving Montana, Lannie pulled up on his bike. He's headed home after three weeks on the road with his BMW. He gave me some good tips of places to stop in North Dakota and told me about a place called the Radon Cave in Montana that I'll have to check out next time I head West. Apparently, people come from all over the world to sit in his cave for ten minutes and suck in radon! Lannie told me if I ever go to Alaska I have to watch out for the most dangerous animal....The Wnnebago! He's been riding for over 40 years, always on a BMW. He still has his first motorcycle! How many of us can say the same?
Montana was brutal the second day, with over a hundred thousand acres on fire and smoke filling the sky with a haze, the temperature was in the 90s and the wind was hot. I stopped for gas and met these three. Johnathan, Suzy, and John. John's the one with the plant in his front basket which they saved from a Kmart dumpster. They are all from New York and are heading to Seattle and then to South America, all on bike. Johnathan said he hates dump trucks the worst and Suzy and John both agreed that drivers in Pennsylvania and Ohio were the worst towards bicyclists. Johnathan had the food- potatoes and rice. I saw a lot of bicyclists in the middle of nowhere, Montana and give them huge props for doing that kind of riding on two- lane roads with less than a foot of side area! Remember to share the road for 🚴!!
Took the big girl down some dusty old dirt roads today, but the view was worth it. #roadking #roadkingsonly #roadkingnation #ridemotorcycleshavefun
Ok, Montana DOES have some fine lookin' rivers, I'll give it that!
Montana's unofficial slogan should be "More two-lane highways than your state!"
I pulled over in British Columbia at a rest stop and started talking to Darren here. Darren worked as a pipefitter and is now retired. What was awesome about Darren was that about every three sentences he would drop an "Eh?" at the end. He likes to take rides on nice days and puts a canna pop in his tool bag on his bike to enjoy. "Give yourself something to look forward to" good advice!
OK this rock formation totally looks like a giant head.
Thank you British Columbia, the 8 hours I spent riding east on highway 3 were sweet. Also thank you for constantly playing tricks making me think I was seeing bears which were actually just rocks or tree stumps. You kept me guessing, you saucy thing, you.