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HELPING LOCAL BUSINESSES ✨ Great to see Anish from @acfitnessuk grow his Personal Training business with some light digital marketing consultations with us 💪 #personaltrainer #londonfitfam
Local Business Marketing tip: Want to know how Google Local ranking in search results? It’s actually pretty easy to understand and harness. . Google produces results based on 3 factors: 1. Relevance 2. Distance 3. Prominence . What does that mean? . Relevance is the key words in the search query like “pizza,” “open now,” or “handicapped parking.” . Distance is the geographic defined by your search like a City name, neighborhood or zip code. If a geographic is not used in the query, Google uses “near me.” . Relevance is where local ranking super powers come in. In a nutshell, it means that business with higher ratings and more recent reviews across the internet, will perform better in search. . So what’s the best way to leverage this? Claim your Google My Business profile, fill out every field you can, add photos and manage your ratings and reviews. . So by the same token, if you happen to love a restaurant and want to help them, leave a postive review. It’s like a tip that keeps on giving to the business! Think of it as cyber gratuity. You really want to help a local business? Ask them which review platform is most valuable to them. . So with that, hey @urban_fire which review site would you like me to post a review on letting people know that you serve up one of the best tomato pies (Crushed Tomatoes, Chopped Garlic, Oregano, Sea Salt) in North Jersey? . I can also recommend that they visit you on days you have the Pizza Sorrento special - fresh smoked mozzarella, thin sliced candied lemons, pancetta, pecorino Romano, oregano, fresh basil and garlic. (2nd slide) . . . . #pizzagrid #pizzaparty #pizza #pizzaporn #🍕 #pizzeria #pizzatime #pizzageeks #pizzaratti #bestpizza #bestpizzaever #bestpizzaintown #pizzapie #pizzeria #cheesepizza #tomatopie #njneats #njfood #yelpnj #ahungrylife #eater #fatnessacademy #food #foodandwine #foodbeast #foodilysm #foodyfetish #ForkFeed #fwx #grubzone
Did you know, people now spend more time online than with TV and all other media (newspapers, magazines, etc.) combined
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Congrats to our friends @carinosmi on their new website. We enjoyed working with you on this! #restaurantmarketing #restaurantwebsite #restaurantwebdesign
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Instagram Hack 3: Outreaching to influencers on Instagram is a great way to grow your audience. The mistake a lot of people make is reaching out to the top tier accounts with a much larger following. Instead, try to find influencers that have similar audiences to your own.
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😈NIKAS BIRTHDAY PARTY ВЕСЬ Backstage у меня профиле СЕГОДНЯ С 18.00 . 🌶Live на @nikas_restaurant . 🌶Самое приятное событие для Всех, кто находится по ту сторону праздника. . 🌶Сколько усилий вложили сюда и staff и администрация. . 🌶Приятное ощущение когда работает команда . 🌶Всех всех всех с праздником. Ведь праздник для любого общепитовского работника, начиная с официантов, администрации, управляющих и маркетологов - это когда событие становится громким. Когда МЫ слышим и читаем восторженные отзывы.
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