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A while back, I told you about a former editing client whose agent asked her to re-format her book. Here’s what I didn’t tell you: The change the agent recommended was almost exactly what I suggested when I signed onto the project, but the client declined my suggestion. . But months later, when her agent suggested the change, there was no “I told you so” from me, because despite all the additional work she’s now putting in, I don’t think she did anything ‘wrong’ at all. She did not waste her time, or sabotage herself, or kill the chances of her book’s success. What did she do? SHE TRUSTED HERSELF. . And whether it’s a client, your spouse or your child, if you really care about a person, isn't that the first thing we should ever want? For them to trust themselves. To believe in the worth of their impulses. To have the courage to hear good advice and still decide to go another way, because their intuition says so. Whenever my heart starts to lean me toward a decision that my friends, family or colleagues think is crazy-pants, I remember that client. I remember her trust in herself, and that helps me keep walking forward.
Trying my hand at making vegetarian dishes for my newly converted ovo-lacto vegetarian child @coneeflowers. So this was her breakfast, a potato, Quorn chunks, pechay, tomatoes and basil (with a bit of Campbell's cream of mushroom soup w/c happens to be vegan) frittata! #mambogmeals #motherhood #respecttheirchoices #diversity #rainbowmama
Sooyoung, Seohyun and Tiffany haven't renewed their contract with Girls Generation😭😭🖤💙❤️ It's really sad but at least we still have the others🖤🙏🏼💥 And ofc remember to support and respect Seohyun and Tiffany with their choices🙏🏼🖤 - #kpop #tiffany #seohyun #support #respect #supportthem #respecttheirchoices #respectthem #lovethem #will #always #love #you #two #girls #will #they #become #the #next #ex #members #willmisyou #miss #snsd #taeyeon #sunny #hyoyeon #yuri #sooyoung #yoona
I recently saw a movie where the actress was asked to pick 5 people who mean the world to her and if it were to us, I am sure there may be more than 5 to many of us and there would be at least one friend in that list for everyone of us. These people are special. But then sometimes we come to a point where we don’t understand some choices made by these people. The choice may directly hurt us or we may feel that they are hurting themselves by making that choice. We sometimes enter into disagreements and arguments over these choices to an extent that we don’t realise that we are suffocating them with our views. It may be possible that we aren’t seeing what they are seeing. Sometimes they shut us down totally without giving any reason and leave us perplexed. Sometimes we don’t understand what went wrong. When these things happen, our world starts to feel incomplete and we try to fight desperately to bring back that completeness. But, why should we do that? All we have to do is to believe in them; believe that their choice has some reason that we are not able to see right now; believe that they are doing the best they could do; believe that they would never want to hurt us but if they are doing so, it is only because that is the only choice that they are left with; trust them because we promised to do so and this trust can make us feel somewhat complete again. If we can’t trust them then we shouldn’t make them a part of our world. This world that we make is a world of our choice. We should only have in it those people we could trust and those whose choices we could respect. #respecttheirchoices #ourownworld #creativewriting #penneddownthoughts #wrotetoday ..... ......... Images from pixabay.com - No copyrights
I've been wanting strawberries for the past week, but finances told me to hold off. It was pay week this week, so I treated myself to two pints of organic strawberries. I'd never tried organic before (mainly because of cost), and these were on sale. Such a huge taste difference between organic and conventional, I had no idea. It got me thinking about how food choices are just as much political as they are personal. How often do we consider the intersections of food choices and access? Food choices and finances? Finance and access? What about choices and lack thereof? All too often I've seen and heard preachy health advocates demean and come just short of insulting individuals they don't feel "are trying their hardest" to "improve their eating habits". Or worse, assume that said folks aren't "smart enough" to make "better" choices in eating. You never ever know what another person is going through, and you should never assume that you do. In saying that, respect the eating habits of others, and respect people as humans. Support folks for who and what they are, and if that's too hard, keep your mouth closed ❤️ #RespectFolks #RespectTheirChoices #Vegan #Vegetarian #lactovegetarian #pescatarian #carnivore #strawberryfields
We support all women and their choices! #feminism #respecttheirchoices
I need to remember this. And I need others to remember this #respectothers #respecttheirchoices #dontputmedown #iwontputyoudown
Not everyone wants to fly high, some prefer staying grounded. #respecttheirchoices.
Feeling a little annoyed this evening. Or irritated. Disappointed maybe or stressed. Or I dunno... Scunnered! I feel like some people say one thing but mean another, or they think some things are ok but it's only ok depending on the sex of the person. It puts me off. Or it's ok if it's just me. Annoys me. Makes me want to go elsewhere. Changes the way I think or how I may react the other way round. Ive no idea if any of this even makes sense, but I have to get it out of my head. I've learnt that keeping it in makes it worse. So by writing I can lessen its impact. Of How disappointed I am. How upset I am. How I feel like I can't do what it is I wanted to do. I know I have to take into account other people's decisions and choices & I get that. It's not my place to force any issues they have. It's their choice. Their reasoning. But tonight I'm feeling selfish. Could be cause I'm on my third night, I haven't slept well & I'm overthinking. Bad I know...I'm overthinking things. Im thinking of my own happiness. Putting me first. Me and my mental health. Me and my happiness. Me & my little unwell plant. Now to search for another destination! Rant over 🙊 #mentalhealth #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthrecovery #mentalhealthawareness #depression #anxiety #support #❤ #writing #trustmyself #support #mentalhealthblogger #endthestigma #rambleon #writinghelpsme #writing #overthinking #questions #solidfoundation #myhappiness #selfish #sorrynotsorry #sorry #differentopinions #sexist #why #respecttheirchoices #lessentheimpact #acceptme #acceptus #rantover
Some people are so concerned with what their children become they lose sight of who their children become. Michael and I talked yesterday about how we don't care what our boys do in their life, as long as what they do gives them fulfillment. We have been so blessed with two incredibly loving, affectionate and gentle boys (all things considered) There is no doubt in my mind that we are raising them with love first, and that everything else will fall into place. The past few days Campbell has worn his baby doll around and pretends to be a daddy. Needless to say, I think we are raising open minded and paternal children. #gentleparenting #respecttheirchoices #toddlersarepeopletoo #thefamilyway #babywearing #campbellwalker #familyfocused #canoneosm3 #toddlerlife