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Happy thanksgiving ☝️psalm 148. All creation praise Him ❤️
Double tap if you want to cuddle your rat NOW
A gentleman and a lady. They take my breath away. ❤️❤️❤️ • • • • #cat #rescues #mylove #kitties #catsofinstagram #himalayancat #beautiful #notmypic #istolethis
All shelter dogs and cats deserves a forever home 🏡 this holidays. Please consider adopting one. Dimsum (left) adopted on 12/2/16 at 10 yrs old. Dindin (right) adopted on 7/10/15 at 10 yrs old as well.
We were at the #Agumbe #Rainforest #Research Station, taking a break from two back to back #rescues- a #kingcobra and what turned out to be a #trinket- when the call came in from the Kudremukh #Forest Department. A #leopard was trapped in a house... With a #snare around it. To be honest, I half expected to see a dead leopard when we reached. What I did not expect was a leopard #cub (barely a sub-adult) hiding in one shed, which she could have easily broken through had she been big enough, with a clutch-wire snare around her hindleg area. Tired.. but otherwise healthy, with no other major visible injury. @joselouies in fact said that in all his years of enforcement and handling snare cases, this was the first where a leopard was actually still alive! She was one lucky girl! One post cannot do justice to the amazing and efficient work done by Ajay Giri and team, where we realised a #snake hook has more uses than just handling #snakes, especially when there is no #veterinarian and no way to sedate the leopard! A bigger blog with videos coming up soon, jointly with the team. P.S.: yes, this story has a happy ending for the cub!