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A Queen shines from the inside out! She possesses more than a beautiful exterior! -Andre Baldwin have a blessed and happy thanksgiving! #lovequotes #relationshipgoals #relationshipquotes #thanksgiving #lovequotes #king #queen #queenteam #queensdontsettle #loveguru #relationshipadvice #lovecounselor #quotes
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Wherever you spend Thanksgiving tomorrow, we hope it’s filled with love and gratitude. Remember it’s not about what you eat... it’s about who you eat with.
NEW blog post going up tomorrow at ⚡️breakmethod.com ⚡️ Intimate relationships can be a b*tch. Tomorrow’s post includes a checklist to ensure relationship success. 👊🏽 • • #breakmethod #breakyourworldwideopen #relationshipadvice #couplestherapy #selfhelp #alternativetherapy
@Regranned from @renitiabligen - Q: Why are you single? Something gotta be wrong! A: Dear Sir, Stop assuming that a woman is single because something is WRONG with her! Maybe we're single because y'all play too much! Frfr  You're too confused and don't know what ya want! Then again, you do. Alot of you make it very clear what you want (or don't want) from the jump but we refuse to HEAR or SEE what you've said! Problem is, you want your cake and eat it too! You have an internal beast that you refuse to tame and until you've faced the man in the mirror; you'll forever be seeking woman after woman to satisfy your lust. You will forever seek to fill a void only God can fill. Don't get me wrong, yes we can always work on ourselves and make changes where needed and prepare for our King; HOWEVER, please don't get it twisted that something is wrong and that's the reason we are single. Truth be told, most of us have given you more than A chance, supported you, trusted again, believed in a potential that never came to fruition, put up with your bad habits, ya baby mamas, took you back after you cheated, unemployment, had your back, been faithful when you weren't, prayed for and with you, took your abuse and the list goes on....so uh yeah... That's why I'm single! I don't have time for a man who refuse to put away his childish ways. You SAY one thing and yet DO another! You want a wife but love the hoes you claim are winning! Stay single bruh! So for me, imma stay single cause I ain't bout that fickle, playing games/house..dating life! Been there, done that! When you know better you do better! PERIOD! Yes, I desire to be married again but at the age of dang near 40; what I look like playing wit you?! *Blankstare Nah...I'm good bruh! Lol frfr 😒 @ my King cause if you were here...never mind. Lol nyt nyt yall!😘😘 Renitia Bligen #christianinspiration #womenempowerment #christianinspiration #inspire #inspiration #motivation #christianinspiration #encouragement #womenempowerment #relationshiptalk #singlewomeninspiration #relationshipadvice #relationship101 #christianwomen #inspire #inspiration #dailyinspiration #dailyencouragement #dailyprayer #womenofgod #empowermento
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#dates don’t have to cost you a penny! It’s the #effort to make a #memory #special that’s allllll that matters! #relationshipadvice #relationships #goals #dates #dating #advice #wordstoliveby
Yaaaay 8K 🎉🤗!!! Just in time for Thanksgiving—I'm so grateful for this supportive and awesome community of friends. How can I best serve you? My mission is to inspire and teach you the skills to create the love life you deserve. Whether it’s how to survive a soul-crushing breakup, date with intent to find your perfect match, or increase satisfaction in a long-term relationship, I’ve got your back! As a licensed counselor and relationship coach, I bring my clinical background, expertise and skill set and combine it with concrete advice, strategies and of course a little humor for a relatable, digestible approach that feels like working with your therapist and best friend combined. When I’m not working with clients, preparing for my book launch (Breaking Up & Bouncing Back is hitting bookshelves May 2018), developing a new group coaching program, or contributing to sites like @huffpost, @Brides, @Bustle, @britandco @womenshealthmag, @yourtango @refinery29, @readersdigest and more, you'll find me hiking, beaching, golfing, brunching, enjoying nature and working out with my BFF/hubby. Also a shout out to my favorite things: my cat Mia, baked goods, sparkly things, HomeGoods, and eco-tourism!
What do YOU most want support with in your intimate relationship? . . Would you be willing your answer with me in the comments below? . . I notice many themes when I work with my clients and I’d love to know what each of you personally struggles with the MOST when you are in a relationship. . . I’d love to incorporate your feedback in my blogs and in my online program so I️ support you in the most powerful way. . . You can also send me a direct message if you don’t feel comfortable writing your response in the comments. . . IT’S OKAY IF SOMEONE WRITES YOUR EXACT ANSWER - PLEASE STILL SHARE YOUR RESPONSE SO I KNOW HOW COMMON IT IS. . . I REALLY WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM AS MANY OF YOU WHO ARE WILLING TO SHARE. . . If you are single - I definitely also want to hear from YOU. What did you most want support with when you were in a relationship? . . Here are some very common themes I hear often. 1-How to support my man to be vulnerable with me 2-How to ask for my needs in a loving way 3-How to stay attracted to my partner in a long term relationship 4-How to balance my career with my relationship . . 💙A HUGE THANK YOU TO EACH OF YOU 💙
No judgement, only love. -💙Erica
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“Look, let's get real for a second. This world is tough. ⠀ ⠀ There's nothing about life that's designed to be simple and easy and that's why the most rewarding things come from situations that foster growth. A perfect example of that is marriage. ⠀ ⠀ Marriage isn't easy, it takes a lot of work and a conscious choice to go deep and accept and CHOOSE to wake up every day and love your partner. Love is not something that just shows up one day and stays by itself. ⠀ ⠀ It takes a real work, that real work is also what makes it meaningful. So with that- if you're married or are in a relationship or just have a best friend who knows you inside and out and still chooses to love the shit out of you - even when you aren't loving yourself. ⠀ ⠀ Call them or text them now and tell them you love them. Tag them. ⠀ ⠀ Spread that love. Don't let another moment go by without them knowing. Thank them for being your mirror and helping you grow because at the end of the day that's what life is all about.” - @justinbaldoni ..... Photo Credit: @newagegents
But no road is long with good company. #UnlimitedBlackLove