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↯ [ season 2 ‪| desperate times promo‬ ] ↳ ❝ you can't let this fear run your life. ❞ — ❀ — ahh the new promo looks so great! — ❀ — q | do you think archie's dad is still alive after being shot? a | at first no, but now I'm thinking he might be — ❀ — fc; 592
Cr: @juggyjo -- Lmao I'm kinda all, but mostly Alexa or Kim -- -Carly
I'm literally so confused now, but I hope this is true!! -- @marisolnichols @caseycott -- -- Cr: @riverdale.__.memes -carly
little preview of Ross' photoshoot #rossbutler
Ross on the cover of @bellomag #rossbutler
Day 3:Least Favourite Character is Grundy I'm sure that's not a surprise 😂😂 Riverdale(1x01/1x04) #riverdalechallenge
Ross' Instagram Story #rossbutler