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The River Thames at low tide in Brentford, London Enquiries : maxrpanks @gmail.com / 07805148489
Transdimensional Puddles . Searching out Brisbane's hidden back alleys and laneways on a rainy day brings some interesting finds... . #pocket_family_member #viewsofbrisbane #puddle #loveyouqueensland #brisbane #discoverbrisbane #backstreets #desertedplaces #backalleys #brisbaneanyday #noparking #urbanexploration #urbex #reflections #cityscape #thisisqueensland #igersbrisbane #aussie_images #ig_mood #nikontoday #moodygrams #mint_shotz #hey_ihadtosnapthat #city_shots #depthoffeild #decay #stairwell #pavement #fireescape Nikon D7200, Tamron 18-400 Di II VC HLD @ 46mm, 1/60s, f4.2, ISO 400, WB 4000k, PC Std
I'd like to see my life as a work of art. I'd like to think that my life is the greatest work of all time... the kind that takes YEARS to complete. The kind that isn't just "beautiful" or "inspiring", but the kind that is a reflection of a journey. The kind where you FEEL the blood, sweat, and tears. • • This weekend I felt kind of slow... As if my mind just didn't want to be taken along for the ride. My body was willing, but my mind said "No, thank you", and rolled back into her Space. • • The entire weekend I tried to figure out what that was about. I couldn't figure out what was going on. But then I woke up this morning feeling fresh and free. • • And you know what did it? The 3 Instagram Live videos I watched before bed... Watching @yessupply, @salem_afangideh and @glowmaven gave me perspective on things that were apparently running in the back of my mind... • • Things like: ▪ Grow at your own pace. ▪ You make up your own reality based on your expectations and past experiences. ▪ Your past experiences do not determine your future. • • These nuggets of wisdom touched parts of me that wondered if I was on the right path. And you know what? I am. I just needed to be reminded of my values and put things into perspective. • • Honestly, I can change anything I want to! But sometimes it might not be everything that needs changing. Sometimes it's okay to take a step back and love on the things that make you YOU. • • I'm not the athletic type. So I'm not a race nor marathon. I'm taking the scenic route and cutting through some touristy areas. And when I'm ready for adventure, I will do that. But you know what... I'm not going to claim an identity that isn't mine. And further more... who's to say that blood, sweat, and tears are only the result of a particular lifestyle? • • My journey involves the building of a legacy that is more than just financial. I'm building a family, a home, contributing to the lives of my daughter's so that they can become independent thinkers, passionate leaders, and creative daredevils. And I wouldn't want it any other way. • • #spiritualista #selflovejourney #radicalselflove #radicalselflovejourney #motherhood #reflections #bliss
Clifton Suspension Bridge - Bristol
Hello Happy People! "You are the average of the five people you spend most time with" - Jim Rohn. There is no doubt that your attitude, utterances, actions, ambition, lifestyle and many more have been influenced by people you spend a lot time with. How productive or unproductive you have been this year lies a great deal in the kind of people you've had around you. What do they have you thinking, saying or doing? Are you happy with your current association? Do they inspire growth in you? Do your future self a favour today, make necessary adjustments to improve your outcomes. Have a productive week! Cheers! #TheLTASeries #MondayMotivation #Reflections #Inspirationalquotes