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Monday Mantra! "Let that shit go!" ✨🤣🙏🏻 If you've been following the #jennemarleyyoga Monday Mantras that intend to inspire contemplation and self reflection, chances are some new awarenesses have come up...both good and bad. So now is the time to let it all go. The work is in the acknowledgment, in the awareness of self in a new light...not in harboring the discomfort. So as @milesneale says, "take some healthy pride in all of your spiritual practices," appreciate and have gratitude for the mere fact that you've devoted mental energy to self-awareness, then let that shit go! 🤣 Everyone has done things they are not proud of, but the truest sign of growth is not in regret and remorse, it's in owning your flaws just like your beautiful characteristics. Check yourself, than let it go. #mondaymantra #miamiyoga #yogamiami #brickellyoga #brickellyogi #crowpose #bakasana #yogacommunity #homegrownyoga #armbalance #strength #discipline #yogaforthesoul #letthatshitgo #yogaforeverybody #liberation #contentment #reflection #refinement #meditation #enlightenment #yogainspiration #instayogi #selfawareness
November 20. 2017 Reflection on Monday: 📚 On Election Day I was one of several presenters for a professional development entitled ‘Building Culturally Responsive College Access Programs’. At face value many of the folks that attended had no idea what they were in for as we explored our own identities as well as the identities of the students we serve (or at least I hope). In a lot of ways some folks were able to grapple with their own identities while others were not remotely interested in how their identities show up and often take up space in a way that is intimidating and not thoughtful. Furthermore, if folks are working with young people in any capacity it is important that we fully understand and develop a genuine interests in where our students come from so that we can begin to meet their needs and help them navigate a system that was set up for them to fail. It is then and only then that we can begin to teach. It’s been irking me for years first as a teacher and now as a “youth developer” (still educator) that folk still have this inclination that identity does not play a role in how we teach and whether or not it’s important to consider the identities of others to play to their strengths. The most successful educators that I have come across are ones that take the time to understand the dynamics at play when it comes to young people; taking a walk around the neighborhoods that young people come from is a start. Warning ⚠️ This is not a chance to pity your young people but to develop a sense of what it is they have to walk through before getting to your classroom in the morning. I see too many adults day in and day out not show compassion, not treat the young people they work with in the same way they might a cousin or a child of their own. Take the time to get to know and digest what it is that the young people we serve can offer our classes, rather than what you think you are offering them. All and all it’s not about you, it’s about we. If we are to build a future beyond the ratchet that exists, we have to start thinking differently. #reflection #myblackisbeautiful #loveandlight #mondaythoughts #refinement #youngpeople #mykids #identity
~once upon a dream~ Lana Del Rey🎶 ° ° ° ° #minsk #minskgram #vintage #refinement #tenderness
Recording multiple angles for a future skill/stroke critical analysis research and reflective assessment. #sfsphysed #physed @sfsaquatics @seoul_foreign_school #aquatics #biomechanics #myp #feedback #growthmindset #refinement
Seek #elegance rather than luxury. Refinement rather that fashion. Ищите #элегантность , но не люкс. Стремитесь к утонченности, но не трендам. Thanks to my fav @iris_la_pausa and @hands662 !😚😚 #refinement #утонченность #la #california #hollywood #hollywoodhills
#yoga thanks to Pablo for such a amazing class. #refinement #adjustments #300rys #yogi