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Day 231/365: The Great American Eclipse is almost here. I arrived in Columbia, South Carolina late this afternoon and captured this image of the sunset before dinner. At ~2:40pm today (same time as totality on Monday) the skies were just about crystal clear. I have several options for locations and may even meet up with some astronomer friends a bit farther north in S.C., depending on weather. To my fellow totality chasers: best of luck and may there be blue skies for you all.
(231/365) Testing for #greatamericaneclipse
Day 231: A Cyclist in Oliver There is a massive multi-sport event in the area so the roads have far more cyclists than usual, whether amateurs or professionals. This lady, training near Oliver, was quite fast.
Day 230: McIntyre Bluff at Night Grainier than I would like it to be, but I think it captures the general atmosphere.
(230/365) Hersey Band Hosts Family Night a week before first performance.
DAY 230/365: Caught this spider walking out the door this morning. Look close enough and you can see the web it is on :)
Solo gli occhi aperti possono scoprire che l'universo è il libro della più alta Verità. (Rumi) 59/365 🐕🐾 #miglioreamicodelluomo #365daychallenge #dailyphotochallenge #rumi
Day 230/365: Liftoff of Atlas V and TDRS-M from Space Launch Complex 41 at 8:29 this morning! ‪Pictured at Playalinda Beach are space fans, tourists, and beach-goers admiring this incredible feat of engineering from only about five miles away. This morning's launch of TDRS-M came after a four month launch hiatus from United Launch Alliance. I rushed up to Playalinda Beach early this morning with @marcuscote_photo; I'm headed back to school now; and after that, I'm off towards Columbia, South Carolina where I intend to view and photograph Monday's total solar eclipse. More info on that is coming soon. ‬
Day 229: Winding Road A fun, if dangerous stretch of the highway between OK Falls and Oliver.
(229/365) Victor Cruz ( #80) catches a football during practice at Prospect High School earlier today.
DAY 229/365: unconventional firmament.
Day 229/365: A crabby evening at the beach -- for those of you who didn't see my Instagram story yesterday, I received my new Nikon 200-500mm f/5.6 lens! This is my first own super telephoto lens and tonight I went out and used it for the first time. I'm very excited to finally have a capable lens that will pair well with my superb Nikon D500. I shot this at 500mm and 1/125, handheld. This lens has great VR! I'm waking up bright and early and photographing ULA's 8:03am launch of NASA's TDRS-M satellite! Tomorrow afternoon I leave for South Carolina for my solar eclipse journey.