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(142/365) Speed Limits Nothing like trying to handhold a 75-300mm at 1/13th.
Stuck Between a Rock and a Beautiful Place 🗿💧
Day 138/365 Faberge Royal Gifts Love Trophy Egg #redditphotoproject #365photoproject #Houston #Texas
Day 137/365 Faberge Royal Gifts Imperial Covered Cup #redditphotoproject #365photoproject #Houston #Texas
Day 135/365 Cajun & Dynamite Yellowtail Rolls #redditphotoproject #365photoproject #Houston #Texas
(141/365) Eagle Court of Honor
DAY 141/365: Post-Cannonball
DAY 140/365: Lonesome.
(140/365) Tonight's sunset was on point.
Key to Success = Monkey Key Chain 🔑
Day 139: My Wife This evening I was supposed to shoot with a paid model, but she stood me up. After waiting an hour for her to arrive with no communication whatsoever on her part (not even an excuse), I simply decided to not let the golden hour go to waste. As usual, my wife @chronicallyvintage was sporting a cute outfit and, without missing a beat, she was ready to pose in front of my camera.
DAY 139/365: inches away from summer!!!!
(139/365) Participants run around during the Annual @herseysos Funner Olympics, an event in which local special ed students are paired with a Hersey student for a day of fun and games towards the end of the school year.
DAY 138/365: yearbook production crew!
(138/365) A Hersey Softball player misses a tag on a Barrington player during the MSL Conference game.
Day 138/365: Vulture
Day 137: Woodbine Beach Woodbine Beach is gorgeous at night. It is so alive. Walking on the shore to the tune of life taking place will be one of the highlights of my trip.
(137/365) Hersey Track runners play games at a pasta party before their Sectional meet tomorrow.
Day 137/365: Bucket o' crabs. I made my way to a nearby pier for this evening's sunset and noticed some locals crabbing from off of the pier. This image was taken looking straight down into their bucket which already contained a few of their catches from the evening. I opted for a bit of a different image tonight rather than a simple sunset photo.
DAY 137/365: Eyes are weird.
Day 136/365: Crow against the sunset. My first night with the D500 was awesome; I made my way to the Viera Wetlands with @marcuscote_photo and tested the camera’s capabilities. The autofocus is INSANELY quick and is very accurate. 10 FPS is almost too much. I already love this new camera and can’t wait to unlock all it has to offer.
Day 136: A Peaceful Evening It was overcast for most of the day. Then a peaceful evening descended upon us. Deep down, what we all hope for.
(136/365) Looking Home A Hersey JV softball player gets ready to steal home plate.
DAY 136/365: drummin' the sticks.
BOOM! My D500 is here! In my limited time playing with this camera this afternoon, I can say that it's.... insane. I'm really at a loss for words. 10FPS. Insane autofocus. Clean images at ISO 6400. Articulating HD touchscreen. The vertical grip is awesome. I can't wait to begin shooting with this thing! I'm headed out later tonight to do some birding/wildlife photography.
(135/365) Rounding the Bases
Day 135: The Hilton Hotel Clock at Night The Hilton Hotel clock atop their tower in Markham is quite impressive, especially at night.
DAY 135/365: I might start selling prints soon 🤔
Day 133/365 Broccoli Mac and Cheese with Sriracha #redditphotoproject #365photoproject #Houston #Texas
Day 131/365 Houston Mueseum of Natural Science #redditphotoproject #365photoproject #Houston #Texas
Day 130/365 McGovern Centennial Gardens #redditphotoproject #365photoproject #Houston #Texas
Day 134/365: The ocean was nice and glossy this morning. These beachgoers seemed to be enjoying their Mother's Day. I'll be photographing tomorrow evening's Falcon 9 launch from the Saturn V Center at Kennedy Space Center's Visitor Complex!
Day 134: The flag at sunset This huge Canadian flag was flapping in the wind, calling for my attention. The sunset gave it, and the tree underneath, a nice golden glow.
(134/365) Sunset at the Lake
DAY 134/365: happy Mother's Day to my one and only!
DAY 133/365: Ball. In this split second, Elvis Andrus scores a run, ultimately leading to our win.
Day 133/365: Tonight's colorful pink sunset, as viewed from a pier along the Indian River. 88 second exposure with a 6-stop ND filter. I opted for a vertical crop for Instagram, but I'll be posting a wider 16:9 crop to Flickr.
Day 132/365: A spectacular sunset is a wonderful way to end the work/school week. Happy Friday, everyone!
DAY 132/365: Shoutout to grandma for making my existence possible 😌
Day 132: Misha Today, I offered to take headshots for a few interns and colleagues of mine at IBM. I was happy to be able to make it look like it was taken in a professional studio. In reality, I shot it outside our lab against a gray wall, without the assistance of any flash or reflectors. Despite the limitation of my setup while travelling, everyone seemed stoked about their photos.
Downtown shenanigans (118/365)
Day 131: Spring Trees Spring breathes life into nature. I love discovering beautiful pockets of it right in the city.
Day 131/365: Blue hour at the beach
DAY 131/365: bianca is pregnant AGAIN! she's onto her third litter; right now we are expecting a total of TWO puppies.
Day 130: ESSO I think that almost anything bright at night looks good. Even a gas station.
Day 130/365: Dreamy view of tonight's full moon through some clouds.
Shopping partners (117/365)