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(178/365) A wonderful sunset tonight at Lake Arlington.
Day 178: Yellow Lake Yellow Lake is a nice slice of nature in the middle of the Okanagan. Seeing it so still really made we want to fish again.
DAY 178/365: Sometimes less is more.
Day 178/365: I caught this guy on a tractor mowing his farm this afternoon. Let me know if you guys like these drone shots. Normal DSLR shot tomorrow, I promise. The plan is to head out shortly before midnight and find some dark skies near where I’m staying in Ohio. Hopefully I’ll be able to capture the Milky Way!
Day 177: The Five-Minute Journal I love structured journaling, and I found The Five-Minute Journal to be a great option.
Day 177/365 This photo was taken with a broken Nikon lens from the 1960s. The Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 has been dropped many times, and the aperture is lodged wide open. This image straight out of the camera had very low contrast, but with a quick edit in Lightroom using @tribearchipelago LXC presets as a starting point, it quickly became a decent photo. #365challenge #365photochallenge #365project #photoaday #redditphotoproject #365daychallenge #dailyphoto #fujifilmxt10 #myfujifilm #fujifilmx_us #fujifilm_xseries #mirrorless #fujifeed #ig_mirrorless #fujifilm #xseries #xt10 #fujixt10 #igersnc #igersraleigh #fujixseries #ishootjpeg #nikkor #nikon #vintagelens #lxc #tribe #tribearchipelago
Day 177/365: Intersection
(177/365) Road Signs
DAY 177/365: Cotton filled skies tonight. I officially sell prints now! Visit my website for more information; masondaugherty.com
Day 176: Lily Our yard is blooming with flowers. I particularly like the orange/red lilies by our door.
(176/365) Yet another Concert Photo from the Arlington Heights Summer Concert series today.
DAY 176/365: Happy birthday to my aunt! 43 rockin 21 :)
Day 176/365: Whelp, I’m addicted again. Someone take this new drone away from me! I flew up to Dayton, Ohio today to visit family and I couldn’t resist sending up my new Mavic Pro up over Centerville for some aerial shots of tonight’s sunset. This is a three shot HDR. The Mavic is noticeably sharper than my Phantom 3 Standard was; I’m stoked with the camera quality so far. I’ll try to bring some variety back to my page tomorrow with a different kind of shot :)
Day 175: Kalamalka Lake On our way back from Vernon, we stopped to admire Kalamalka Lake and the Coldstream Valley off the highway. In my opinion, it's the most stunning lake in the Okanagan, and we have quite a few beautiful ones. Shot with my iPhone.
DAY 175/365: Did you know that I have a website? Did you know that I now also sell prints of my photos? Starting this Monday I will begin to sell photo prints of my work. Options include glossy prints, canvas prints, metal prints, and more! Choose from my extensive portfolio and you can have your very own Mason Daugherty photo proudly displayed in your home :) More details soon to follow. Also, I’m back home! Next stop: LA
(175/365) Michael Olivera of Focal Point 5 sings at the Prospect Heights Block Party (Trent Sprague/Hersey Correspondent)
Day 175/365: I bought a Mavic Pro today! Here’s a panorama of tonight’s sunset taken over Indian Harbour Beach, Florida. I’ve been drone-less for three months; I crashed my Phantom 3 Standard and lost it. I’m happy to be flying again! I’m waking up bright and early tomorrow morning to head to Ohio to visit family—expect some different kinds of shots over the next few days!