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I wish to find the courage to get a real tattoo. 🙊
You are the sister I got to choose 💞
Another 365 days since I fell out of a vagina. Hooray!! 🥂🍻🎂🍰
Chilling by the beach #bellesadventure
Paradise 🏄🏻‍♀️ #bellesadventure
Can't keep calm its my bubie's birthday.. My papi, my gold, my smile, my daddy o, my painkiller, my boothang , my man, biggy man. All dese names can't even compare to how I feel BT what can I say.. Happy birthday to the man after my hrt. The man that makes me wanna go home even wen am out with them girls.. Age with grace honey #bae #rfr #recentforlikes #recentsforrecents #photooftheday #ph #mylifepartner #kings #love #couple #relationship #boyfriend #econcernyou #instalike #spamforspam #spamforlike #you #kiss #instagood
Sono una Donna non sono una Santa 2.0 😂👼🎉❤
Drop and give me Zen. 🙏🏻
I miss the sound of you in my ear and the feel of you in my skin. 🏝
I'll make up for all the years I was supposed to be kissing you. 💞
Tea or tequila? 🌑
"I was never really sure of anything. I mean I thought I was sure for a while. But then you came along... And you put it all in perspective for me. I don't need to be sure of anything. And this isn't the cheesy quote where I say "but I'm sure of her" because truth be told I'm not. I'm not sure we will be together in years, months from now. No, I'm not I wish I could say I was. But the only thing I'm sure of, is I will wake up and I will try my hardest to win your heart over every god damn day of my life until otherwise. And I am not sure what that otherwise could be... But until otherwise, your heart is mine and my heart is yours. And that's one thing I'm sure of." 😊
Non ho un sogno,ho un piano..🍀
Un giorno ti dirò, che ho rinunciato alla mia felicità per te, E tu riderai di me.
-|- Simmetrie (quasi) perfette. 🌅 -|- #NoFilter #Sunset #Clouds