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• Good morning! So i'm gonna pick up a new phone for my dad today, and i'm probably gonna stay off of working out for a little bit (3 days) just because i need to study and about what happened before, so i MIGHT be on a lil bit more than before (started watching more Bálor recently, kinda like the guy more now than i used to do) by the way, i love Eli so much fnsjsjdjdjsj
Sorry i was so inactive but i was traveling - @chaohtic
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I need to do my hw today 😩😭
Morning babes
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#7 Yıllık İlişki Nedir Abi Tıpmı Okuyosunuz🤣
Por cada puñalada, quince de vuelta.
I made you my sun, and today I'm dying of cold.
“Basta che mi stringi forte tutto va a posto.” 🎧🎼
In the middle of nowhere
Good morning or good afternoon (depends on where you live) ❤️
Mutna. Ali mnogo dragaa ❤❤❤
This is so cute omg 😂😍 - thanks for 2 k followers ♡♡
Jeans this ripped 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Accanto è un posto per pochi, figuratevi dentro..❣
Fc: 5.333 - #qotd - what's your favourite food? #aotd - soup and pasta🍝🍲 - I am very happy because I have won a lot of followers, and I have more likes on my recent than I expected😊 - Tomorrow (May 1rst) will be the 1 year anniversary of this account! So excited💕🎂
i think you should talk with her. what would you do? comment below 👇 —
Describe yourself in 3 emojis - 😳😳😳(coz I 24:7 embarrass myself 😢)
good morning x
* One Direction + Zayn Malik * I miss these boys so much aghhh i hope they come back but this curly ass boy is doing a solo tour 😒 - - Favorite album and which song there (1d) ? ♥