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I know I haven't posted in forever but I haven't had time! So here's a throwback to the homemade avocado cream pasta I made a couple of weeks ago 😋
The types of potato fries. Asian sweet potato, yams, and Russets. Two types of barbecue sauce. #burgerrevolution and #3angrycats #starchsolution #rawtillwhenever #highcarbhannah #potatoesruletheworld
Just the best lunch on warm days 😁✌️ You might say " hey Damian. It's totally not warm today" and you would be totally right. Had my banana-blueberry-smoothy anyway and enjoyed it. Went for a short run in the morning and will go swimming now. Just a short 3k swim and going to study in the evening 😉🤓
🙌🏽☀️🎊 Manifesting Durian Magic 💛👑🙌🏽 What an intense way of shedding 'old matter' when you disconnect from all the distractions, to make space for yourself to connect with Source and feel everything without numbing it down with social media, cooked foods, games or whatever One might use to distract himself from feeling Reality. Once everything is quiet, all the feelings and emotions that have been repressed start avalanching back into your awareness and lighted up. Oh how much toxic baggage we have stored along the years- physically and emotionally- which has to be released, healed and removed. I feel very emotional now writing this and hope that everyone is doing well and feel safe and loved while transitioning and healing. I am Here for anyone that might need to talk or a heart to beat next to yours to remind you that we are One experiencing ourselves in different ways 🙏🏽❤️ Ps: Omg I have experienced this unbelievable manifestations the last past days which is more than I ever visioned; not only that we've found durians but we found good frozen durians for the last few days which is a miracle that never happened before! And not only that we bought tickets for Romania and Asia, but we found half price tickets!! (Please feel free to pm if you need info about this cheap deal) Aaaand that is not even half of the surprises and gifts received: I can finally make my dream come true organising a vegan fest in my hometown in Romania, thanks to all the wonderful friends in my life which encouraged and offered to create this event together 🙌🏽💞 I am really honoured to share this journey with you all (social media friends too 💞) and grateful for your part in the Shift! Love you more than I can ever express through this man-made language and platform! #durian #kingofthefruits #thorn #vegan #vegansofig #rawvegan #rawtillwhenever #rawtillfour #hclf #hclfvegan #highcarb #frugivore #crudivore #healing #transitiontoraw #camping #monomeal #fruitbat #fruitporn #fruitbat #fruits #winter #fruitarian #fruitlover #health #healthy #wander #travel #nature #naturelovers #foodporn
I promise @bananablondie108 won't laugh at you like she left at my inflexibility before I started her Yoga classes. *** Last chance to sign up and lock in at the $9.99 monthly price forever. We will be raising prices July 1st. *** We started with an idea, a crappy website, and just a passion to help people get healthy and now we're here. A beautiful site with over 90 Full Length Yoga Classes for all levels with new classes being added, over 100 Private Videos answering your Diet questions, a Forum for questions and community, and our Daily Food Journals showing you exactly what we eat to Thrive on a Whole Foods Plant Based lifestyle. Join our community today🙏🏻 Link in Bio! #thrivingplantbased _________________________ ThrivingPlantBased.com
✨ G O L D E N B A R S ✨ Peanut and black sesame caramel in between layers of almond flour biscuit, topped with pecans and gold covered vanilla toffee
How to eat a whole P I Z Z A and feel fantastic afterwards? Make it raw vegan ! Sprouted sunflower seed and carrot crust with sun-dried tomato sauce, cashew cream cheese, pesto, "roasted" vegetables, fresh pepper, olives, radish and cashew Parmesan shards
Bottle Nr. 6 👌🏻👌🏻 Cashews are the best 🎉 #thefrankjuice #hclfvegan #getlean #rawtillwhenever #saftfasten #plantbased
Good morning lovelies 🐩 💞 I'm trying to get into some of the trendy insta food designs - smoothie bowls, nicecreams etc - and I must confess, things are a lot harder than I thought. My weak points are: 🦎 Lighting 🦎 Camera 🦎 Space to deposit camera equipment 👆 📚 Will probably start by reading "Food Photography" by Corinna Giseman. Have a wonderful Monday!
🍏 A P P L E P I E 🍎 Spiced with ginger and cinnamon and made sweet with local organic dates