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غالبا فيه طبنجة بچيابه... وعلشان الصبي ابن بيه ... هون ما حدا بينطال ...
"Wish you were here" That's what i wanted the sea to tell you when you arrive two days later.. did he mention that?
I found nothing. but I realized it was better not to.. it was better for her not to know .. that I've been so longing for her. I'd be so selfish again!! Break her heart again!!
You think I'm heartless!! No please no.. my heart beat so hard when i found myself walking in the street where we used to meet.. i ran like a mad man searching for our place.. but everything was closed.. like your heart now. makes me sad that you'll never know this. I wanted to call but.... oh how much i miss you.. I am sorry I'm so sorry