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Day 76 πŸ”›πŸ”›πŸ”› 90day challenge starts on Monday... Anyone keen to jump on this lifestyle change? This challenge is dedicated to my sister and to everyone out there who struggles with illnesses on the daily and to everyone who struggle with weight issues... Let our journey inspire you to change for a better living.. Life or living? Its all in your hands, you choose!!! Obesity in our Samoan community is growing... This is our chance to make a change!!! #lifestylechanges #raisingawareness #diabetes #type1diabetes #type2diabetes #kidneydisease #chronickidneydisease #oedema #teamlepah #keepingupwithlepah #day76 #staywoke #bethechange
Living in excess. The clothing industry is one of the largest pollutant in the world. Tons of water, dyes and toxic chemicals are used to create the garments that we wear. #35mm #documentary #fashionrevolution #raisingawareness
Has #cancer affected your life? Or the life of someone dear to you? #AoleCancer #cancersucks #FUCKcancer #teampinkbunker #RAISINGAWARENESS If so I'd like to open invite whoever to this year's 3rd annual maili pillboxes hike for cancer awareness.. Date: Oct 21..2017 Place: Maili pillboxes .. sunrise Location:maili waianae Time: meet for pule 530ish am .. sunrise hike .. Goal: Raise awareness with our community for our ohana... Early detection is key.. encourage a healthier lifestyle .. Requirements for participation: SIMPLY JUST SHOW UP !! IT'S at your discretion to wear pink or another color to spread awareness... Etc..pink..breast cancer awareness month Purple.. domestic violence awareness So forth n so forth.. Hope to see you there.. #tagafriend #share #repost #spreadtheword #mahalo
The phenomenon is known as Acquired Savant Syndrome, and the only way to acquire it is through traumatic brain injury. Many of those with Acquired Savant Syndrome developed artistic skills, like the ability to play music, to create art, or to hand-draw detailed images derived from mathematical calculations typically only rendered by computers. In the lives these folks had before their injury, they couldn’t do any of these things. The new talents are believed to be related, somehow, to the specific head injuries they experienced. Savantism isn’t among the normal side-effects of head trauma. Also, while it might sound great to develop an artistic talent instantly, it is a talent that comes at a price. Many people with Acquired Savant Syndrome battle headaches, vision problems, and countless other more common symptoms associated with being clunked in the head.
This masterpiece is carved by Paul A. Baliker from Palm Coast, Florida, United States. Paul Baliker has been sculpting exclusively for 35 years. His most amazing work, called β€œA Matter of Time”, is a wood sculpture that is 13 feet in diameter and features a man holding a globe surrounded by more than 40 different animals made of driftwood. β€œThe piece focuses on man’s position in nature. I love nature and this is my chance to make an environmental statement, so I went ahead and did it,” he said about his sculpture.
This goes to show that it's not only humans that are affected by premature labour. Great work by the zoo to think outside of the box! . . #prematurelabour #loss #raisingawareness #premmie #supportingfamilies #nicuawarenessmonth #perthpremiercharity #donations
There is still time to join us! September 29th @colwickhall are hosting a Venetian masquerade ball to raise money for @macmillancancer . This will be attended by 100's of locals and business owners ... really looking forward to getting glammed up for a great cause! Tonight, I got my mask πŸ˜πŸ‘€ can't wait to pop this on with my floor length gown! Come join us! 😊πŸ₯‚πŸŽ‰βœ¨