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Goodnight 😴💫🌛🌠 #bunny🐰 #rabbit #rabbitlife #goodnight #cute
"Oh the sweet smell of the treat jar!... you might want to carry on, I'm going to be a while" 🐰🥕🍪🍐🍪🍎🍪 #andbreathe #mmmmmm #ohyeah #thatsamazing #treatjar #rabbitlife #rabbitsofinstagram
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"Eh coucou, moi aussi je veux être sur la photo" 😊 #rabbitlife #bunnylove #curiouspets
This is the result of 100% natural wood based cat litter after being exposed to water for one hour. We used this stuff for our cat, but Ghibli managed to get to it and stuffed himself full. It was labelled as safe for rabbits. As soon as I found out, I panicked! What followed was 5 hours of frantic phone calls to numerous vets and dozens of chat conversations to rabbit experts all over the world. I was talking to rabbit carers in Australia, America, UK, Belgium and beyond to find the best course of action. I was even put in touch with a person who's rabbit recently ingested paper litter and had to have surgery to remove it. This poor bun is still suffering enormously even after surgery 😔 I was devastated! I did my own experiments to see just how much this compressed litter expanded, and you can see how large it gets! My first thought was that I had to get this stuff out of Ghibli, but the idea of surgery terrified me, as it's a complex procedure with a low survival rate, and even if the operation is successful, the aftercare can be extremely challenging. After the tears stopped, I started to go into overdrive. Should Ghibli still be drinking, or would it make this stuff expand more? Should he be eating, or will it stuff him even more? Was pineapple juice really the answer? As a veggie / vegan couple we do our utmost best to buy cruelty free / organic / chemical free products, so the thought that we had bought this litter and it was causing Ghibli to suffer so much made me feel incredibly guilty. My sadness turned to anger. How could this product be labelled as rabbit safe?! Of course rabbits may try to eat this! I had to take a step back and look at the situation in front of me, rather than think of the worse case scenario. Although Ghibli had been close to death in the night, he was now active and drinking critical care himself. He even had a little sparkle back in his eyes. The only thing to do at this stage was to keep him eating and hydrated and pray for poops..! Do not buy compressed / absorbent litter..! (part 5)