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ASDFGHK I CAN SEE HIS NEW TATTOO. And he looks hot af! 😩πŸ”₯ @justinbieber ❀
Matt Hardys PROCLAMATION - Jess ✨
Tasselmania @martyscurll
\I’ve been lacking on QOTDS lately :/ sorry everyone/
- Absolutely can't wait to see these two on screen again, especially seeing as T'Challa aided Steve when he became a war criminal. πŸ˜… #CaptainAmerica
- Gonna give this new style a chance to settle over night and see how you guys respond to it! Anyway this is one of my favorite scenes because it makes me realize that no matter Slades faults and wrongs, Oliver can't kill the man he's called a friend for so long. #Arrow
Every girl has that guys she inspires to be like. There’s just one guy in her life that no matter what he makes everything better. That guy who she just takes one look at and everything is better. When she hears his name she’ll smile because in her mind she knows this man changed her life. For me, this guy is you chris. Thank you chris for being the best role model ever. - Maybe if you could tag Chris hat be nice. But just like once and not over tag him
- I'm exploring different editing styles and I got to say that this either looks really fucking cool or just trash. #Avengers
I need this!
69 tacks Ambrose 69! I had to pick them out one by one by one