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Repost from @shemoves_ : “Occasional Kindness has limited power but relentless kindness has the power to restore, inspire, rescue and unite. One of the best ways you can show people’s God love is by being kind. Kindness opens doors and bridges gaps. It repairs the broken and restores hope to the hopeless. Will you harness the power of kindness to tell others about Jesus? Kindness isn’t a series of gestures- it’s a lifestyle. Kindness can’t be random- it has to be intentional. Kindness doesn’t require much- yet it can change everything. “ . . . . . : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : #kindness #kind #dailyinspiration #dailyinspirationalposts #pelsthefashionista #dailyinspo #life #quotes #quote #inspired #inspiration #blogger #blog #bekind #bloggers #blogging #quotestags #happiness #happy
How fucking accurate is this! When I first started my journey I was wondering how all these huge Instagram accounts motivated and inspired so many people. I wanted to be like them, making a huge difference in the world with what I had. I wanted to help change lives. But, when I started my journey I noticed not many people followed, not many were interested. I realized that my Instagram was just BORING like, I was trying to hard to fake being motivated that it was just sad. I was awkward, had no idea what I was doing and was just NEGATIVE honestly. Even with me trying to fake it... 😣 I continued to aspire like my favorite accounts @fatgirlfedup and @holycrapimfat @jordanshrinks where they just did it, they changed their mindsets and just pushed for what they truly wanted. These women inspire the shit out of Me! Hoping they see this, but they made a huge difference in my life. I also want to say thank you to one of my life long pen pals @scarmar_ she was blunt and honest as can be with me on my excuses and pushed me to be a better version of myself. For them, I was able to push myself into the journey y'all have been watching. It's so crazy!!! Never give up. #quotespage #quotesforhim #quotesilove #quotesbyme #quoteslove #quotesvn #quoteslover #quotes4you #quotesgram #quotesofinstagram #quotestag #quotesforlife #quotestags #quotess #quotestagram #quotesofig #quotestoliveby #quotesforyou #quotesviet #quotesoftheday #prilaga #quoteslife #quotesaboutlife #quotes #quotesagram #quotestoday #quotesdaily #quotesandsayings
Not abusive madness, the madness which makes people cry while laughing😃 . My little way of respecting the man the legend Mr. Robin Williams (how good no Great was he) 😊 . Follow @sarcited (me) for more 😉 . #myedit #sarcited #robinwilliams
I'm not OK what's even OK? I spend half my nights worrying And just overthinking too much I can't remember the last time I Slept peacefully, and it's all my fault everything that's going wrong in my life was just brought to me by my own hands, I run after things not meant for my soul, I chase a life far from my lifestyle and I never learn from the painful mistakes. Why am I always after the impossible I guess even I don't know why at all... You look at people and some of them are good at hiding pain and it makes me look weak because i cannot stand a single stroke in the heart. This young age was supposed to be the fan part right? Then why am I never having any fan? Why am always sobbing in my pillow like a half-dead animal? I'm not even complaining cause if I was my hands would get tired of writing. It's just an endless pain that has no destination. It just hits you whenever, doesn't even care what time or day it is, you heart crunches and melts with agony in a glimpse like a flash of lightning. ~portionpills ~
Ada hal yang mudah di maafkan dan dilupakan, ada yang mudah dimaafkan sulit untuk dilupakan, ada yang tak pernah termaafkan dan tak terlupakan! . . . #adelina #fitriyani #quotestags #day
Bardigang, hooo GN
What would you do differently? #thechangeschool
"Make yourself a priority. At the end of the day, you're your longest commitment." -Unknown 💞Credit: @thegoodquote
‏”أنا لست وحيدًا، الله معي“
But you can be sloppy and ignorant. Look good, dress well and learn if you are unsure of something. Don't learn by reading off comments or just by doing Google searches. Learn by reading extensively.
Keep It From You - Glades @gladesmusic 🔥
“THE BIGGEST ADVENTURE YOU CAN TAKE IS TO LIVE THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS” #etlittlethingsquotes #quotes #quotesoftheday
Go beyond your limits 💪
For reallll
So true