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Order Of Exercises *Dont try the order in the picture !! Purely for post its all crazy!!** I see a lot of workouts online, whether its fb, insta, twitter, youtube. Hell, I even end up seeing my girlfriends workouts from other Personal Trainers and, well all I can say is WOW and not always in a good way. When it comes to sets, reps everyone has their own take. When it comes to exercise selection I always run with safety first! By this statement I mean the exercise which provides the most neuromuscular coordination goes first always!! I wouldn’t put a set of barbell complex at the end of a workout! Now, there are some methods like the pre exhaust which require a mix up of the natural order however the movements would still mimic the pattern and movement of the body. For example, Leg extension Back Squat Hack Squat Personally, I would prefer to switch that around a little purely because I believe you would feel it and get a hell of a lot more benefit from staying in an up right. Preferred example, A1: Front Squat A2: HE Back Squat A3: Hack Squat I would consider the above example more targeted than the first (Personal Preference before anyone goes nuts at me lol) If you really want to hit the leg extension do it after those to ensure maximally gains before you go for the pump! Save yourself from injuries and embarrassing moments in the gym by been sensible.  #strengthcoachcardiff #wpt #strength #fitfam #thecompound #fitness #gainz #glutes #quads #performancebased #strongnotskinny #nevergiveup #push #grind #tut #picp
It's hard to think positive if you're feeling unwell and off balance. And often feeling 'negative' is not 'all in our heads.' We need macro and micronutrients from our diet to assist our bodies in the production of neurotransmitters, hormones, cells, energy, immunity etc.. E.g. If your thyroid is not producing enough hormones it might be difficult to be bouncing off the walls with joy. Going back to basics may help😊 Get all the relevant testing done to rule out deficiencies, disease, inflammation etc. AND you can also look at the 5 FingerTips 😀 #water (quality and quantity) #healthyfood (nutrients) #posture (leaning too far forward may give you neck pain or a headache) #breath (incorrect breathing can cause health issues) #selfcompassion (whether you're feeling 'positive' or 'negative' be kind to yourself.)
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