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This morning I parked at an all day flat fee parking lot and the place I had parked there for was actually closed. Walking back to the parking lot, I grumbled about how I just paid for an all day ticket for nothing, and as I drove past the ticketing machine, a man stood there trying to purchase a ticket of his own. I rolled down my window, asking him if he had cash and offered for him to just buy mine, but unfortunately, he didn't. He was trying to use his credit card. But I decided to give him my pass anyway, at which time, he told me he was actually having a hard time getting the machine to work. .. I didn't do it for any reason other than to be kind. And I'm not sharing this story to be patted on the back. But it got me thinking that often we assume that help - and good things coming - is a one way street, with it always coming to us when we need it. But, what if, in any given time, we're actually being guided to help someone else? .. I don't know what kind of day he was having, what his story was, or even if my action of giving him a day pass for free will impact his life in any profound way - probably not. But what I do believe in is the more we can take a step back from our own stories, the more we can just be kind. And that by simply being kind, we can begin to break free of the veils of separatism that we, as a humanity, have trapped ourselves in. #GetAligned
I remember when I was brand new to the business of photography. I was so eager to learn and grow as fast I could. Basically I wanted to time warp to immediate success. Don't we all wish for that? šŸ˜‚I would reach out to photographers I looked up to, only to get half answered responses or none at all. It was hard enough to get up the guts to contact them. Then to get no help or advice at all, was discouraging. As soon as I had any advice at all to share with new photographers I would. I've always been an open book! But I'm like that with everything. My friends will tell you, when I get excited about something I want to share it with the world. So I'm here to say. If there is anything at all you've been wanting to know about starting a photography business or running a senior role model program, email me! I want to help you! Creating this online course and senior portrait workshop has me feeling all kinds of emotions. I just want to be there for you! PS: The best part of the job ... is my uniform. Just working in my home, hair pulled back, in my pjs. šŸ“· Noah James
Re-reading and thumbing through the evocative photos of this wonderful book to get me primed for returning to la bella Italia. "Italian Joy" by Carla Coulson. Hers is an incredible story of courage and metamorphosis. If you can get your hands on a copy, do yourself a favor. Photo credit @carlalovesphotography You are truly an inspiration to us late bloomers. Grazie cara :) #loveitaly #onelife #daretodream #goforit #pursueyourpassion #italianjoy
Remember your Why! #keeppushing
Pulled out some fall colors today for my #ootd . šŸ
[Press Play] Faith > Fear Whose ready to take a leap of faith? Can I get an Amen šŸ‘‡šŸæ - - - - - - - - - - If you'd like to book me to speak at your next event, be a guest on your podcast, or sit on your panel, click the link in my bio to fill out my Speakers Request form. I'd love to come join you. - - - - - - - - - - #shepreneur #bossmode #solopreneurs #beingboss #solopreneurs #beingboss #freedomentrepreneur #ladiesinbusiness #smartwomen #smartwoman #savvybusinesswomen #womenpreneurs #businessbabes #thesocialsociety #hersuccess #lifeofafreelancer #entrepreneurlifestyle #pursueyourpassion #sayyestosuccess #goalgetters #startuplifestyle #beingboss #youngentrepreneurs #bizcoach #purposefulliving #ambitiouswomen #bschool #ladieswhohustle #womenowned #womenownedbusiness
I was inspired to start my business when I was tired of helping someone else live their dream and decided to pursue my own dreams. It changed my life. I work with amazing clients, and Iā€™m proud to do what I love. If you have questions about Akashic Records Clearing or what I do, leave a comment as Iā€™d love to respond!
Four years old and fearless!
Run Wild. 惻惻惻 After 8 months of no instruction, it felt pretty good to have an empty seat next to me again! šŸ™ŒšŸ¼āœˆļø @bobbytheskier308 惻 惻 惻 #trulivin_is #trulivin #pursueyourpassion #runwild #dragonfly #diamondaircraft #KWDR #nevergiveup #lifeslessons #liveyourdreams #dream #dreambig #success #freedom
This has been the monday-ist Monday I've had in awhile lol that's ok I see a large hot latte in my future šŸ˜‰ #lovecoffee #monday