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Happy thanksgiving!!!! I’m thankful for my humans, my human’s friends, my cat sibling (sometimes), food, snuggles, hikes, squeaky toys, my insta family, and more food!!! What are you thankful for? 😌🦃❤️
This old turkey is waiting for his 🍗🍗🍗🍖
. 🎉💓Happy Gotcha Day Baby Adel💞🎉 scroll 👈🏼for more cute videos of me🙊🙈 Just to think that a year ago I was 2 1/2 months old, weighing 3.6lbs and spending my first day with my Forever Family on Thanksgiving eve. And today Nov 23 2017 marks my 1 year gotcha day!!🎉 I have grown beautifully and healthy, having two bionic knees is a plus🙊Slide to see me in the second video wrestling dad for the treat bag!!! Yes I have earned the name “vicious piranha” from day☝️😆😜 I’m Thankful for everything💝 -Adel💕 .. Dear Adel Just when I thought my life was complete I found you💓 you are just the right combination of sweet and sassy and you have your dad and I wrapped around your little paw. A year ago we got to spend Thanksgiving in a little town in the middle of nowhere just the 4 of us. No big fancy dinner, but it was perfect!! You were my NOT edible baby butterball😍 we love you to the moon and back😘 So many wonderful memories, so many awesome friends, what a perfect time of the year to celebrate your Gotcha Day!! We will always be grateful for the day you came into our lives❤️ Love Mom, Dad, Rubi, Mahala, Sadie, furangel siblings and big bro Nick😍💕😘 . . #happygotchaday #oneyearago #youcameintoourlives #gratefulheart #lifeisgood #memories❤ #dogsofinstagram #lovemyigfamily #thanksforbeingpartofmylife #puppylife #ilovemybostonterrier #mustlovedogs #igdogs #redbostonterrier #thanksgiving #poppaspotatoposse #bostonterrierlife #bostonterriervideo #puppyvideo #awalkdownmemorylane #iloveyouall
Tüy yapısı uygun olduğu sürece, poodle benim işim demektir 😉
So beyond thankful for my first dog, Oaklee. He not only is my best friend and the sweetest pup on the planet but he is like a child to me. I know, crazy dog mom. I am so proud of him for dealing with this transition well and turning into such an amazing big brother. Olive looks up to him and we are already noticing her trying to be like him! Who wouldn’t want to be like Oaklee? I love my happy boy and am trying to make sure he knows that even though we added a new dog to our family, that my love for him has only grown more. 🐾 🐾 🐾 #muttsofinstagram #thankful #happythanksgiving #crazydogmom #bordercolliepuppy #mixedbreed #bordercolliesofig #rescuepup #bordercollie #bordercollieoftheday #puppiesofinstagram #puppyvideo #rescuedogs #rescuedogsofinstagram #bigbrother #littlesister #wonderfulbordercollie #collie_shoutout #bordercolliefc #bordercollie_lovers_world #blackandwhitedogs
Lots to be thankful for ❤️