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Ok Monday, let's do this.
What if I said it wasn't me.... would you believe me? 🤔 #ThoseEyesTho 💙 . @jona_and_the_whale
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Naps💤💤 🐶🙌🏻 #AmIRight?
Those eyes 😍 #amazinginstapets
i've got a bad case of the mondays 💤 btw, check out those tongue spots i'm working on
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Morning ritual 😆
Here's a big smile to cheer you up on this Monday!!! ❤️❤️❤️ • • • Check out my pack! 🐾❤️ @ringo_thehusky @carl_thegirl_husky @elliot_thegirl_husky @rainbowovernyc_huskyhero @kiba_thegreat @luccathehusky @siberianhuskynamedluna @wyliealexandria.thehuskylife