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Morning Dew "Morning Dew" (sometimes referred to as "At Last"), Roulette records original, 1970. Morning Dew were a group from Topeka, Kansas, who, like literally thousands of others around the States, played a British Invasion-inspired form of primitive garage rock, evolving to psychedelia by the later 60s. Like many of these groups, Morning Dew released a brace of singles on a local label (Fairyland), and actually became very popular locally. Unlike most of these struggling "Back From The Grave" bands however, The 'Dew actually managed to release an album: on a major label! Unfortunately for the lads, the label they ended up on was the mother of all mobster joints, Roulette records (run by the notorious and FBI-convicted Morris Levy), and consequently there was no budget, no money and no future, as the label neglected to release a second album. It didn't help that most copies of the LP were allegedly destroyed in a fire. Because of all this, the album's general awesomeness and gorgeous, enigmatic cover, "Morning Dew" has gone on to be one of the most collectable major label US psych albums. And yes, it's a corker! But, a strange corker, for the overall vibe of this thing is similar to a small label, private press-type record from the era (see: New Tweedy Brothers, C.A. Quintet, Music Emporium), with very little in the way of production gloss; just killer tunes, killer fuzz and killer vibes. The best cuts, the unbelievable and otherworldly "Crusaders Smile", the groovy "Young Man" and the Pink Floyd-ish "Gypsy" are Nuggets Hall-Of-Famers all. I'm also very fond of "Something You Say", a lovely baroque pop number (resplendent with the only string arrangement on the LP), and "Epic: The Mann/Death Is A Dream", complete with a tape-fail bit-of-trickery which makes me think my turntable is broken: every time. As a side note, one of the cuts on here, "Save Me" was co-written by local musician Kerry Livgren who went on to form a much more famous Kansas group: Kansas! #vinyl #records #vinyllove #vinyligclub #vinylrecords #vinylcommunity #vinyljunkie #dustyfingers #albumart #nowspinning #nowplaying #recordcollection #instavinyl #vinyloftheday #vinylcollectionpost
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Psych Is Dead .. Psych Is Live #cosmicdead #psychrock
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